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Life can be so much better by having less.

For those who have not experienced it directly, it is not an easily shared concept, but more and more people are appreciating the sweet truth.

The most wonderful aspect of living with less is that your happiness does not depend on earning more money, buying a bigger house or owning a more powerful car – to be happy you need less of all of this.

You can achieve harmony and balance by simply eliminating and reducing.

Why not try?

Here are some tips on how to do this:

Do less

Reduce your commitments, simplify your agenda, eliminate what is not essential.

Focus solely on what has the greatest impact on your priorities.

This simplification process takes time, feel free to apply it calmly, but follow it consciously.

You will have more space to focus on what you really care about, you will use your time more effectively and you will significantly reduce stress.

You own less

The wonder of life does not consist in accumulating things.

Try to get rid of what is not strictly necessary or that you are not particularly fond of.

This will allow you to significantly reduce clutter and confusion, helping to create a harmonious and peaceful environment.

You will have more space and you will feel a pleasant feeling of freedom.

You will feel lighter.

Produce less

Try to focus on the quality, beauty, meaning and essence of what you produce.

Try to put aside the concept of quantity.

Try to produce less and use your time to make what’s really important better.

Focus on calm and concentration, put aside the haste and chaos.

Instead of dedicating yourself to multiple projects and activities, focus on the essential and what is a priority and try to make it qualitatively higher.

Consume less

Think about how many resources we use every day, how much we consume, how much waste and waste we produce every day.

Instead of focusing on consumption, try to focus on appreciating what you already have, preserving the beauty of what you have already achieved, identifying the pleasure in everything that already surrounds you.

Connect less

It is pleasant and stimulating to be connected to others via the web, after all this is also happening right now, isn’t it?

However, don’t let web browsing, blog reading, Twitter or Facebook consume your time by canceling out your physical and real social interactions.

Try disconnecting from time to time.

Keep eliminating and reducing

Simplifying is not an action to be performed only once and then forget about it.

Simplification is a process that pays off best when applied consistently.

Eliminate, reduceā€¦ and keep doing it whenever you can.

Rediscover the pleasure and value of the essential, rediscover what you really love and renounce the superfluous.

Life can truly be better with less if what’s left is what you love.

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    Thank you…AA++ seller, great job

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