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How to learn to ski: stay on skis

Starting skiing is not always child’s play. Here are some tips and tricks to learn how to ski!

It sounds easy, but it’s not easy, and learning to ski is often not much fun. From personal experience, most of the time is spent with the backsideā€¦ on the ground!

Don’t be discouraged though: learning to ski is a fairly quick operation, it doesn’t take long to learn to stand on skis.

  • To learn to ski, the fundamental step is to put on skis and boots and stand up: choosing the equipment is important. Read our advice in the post dedicated to Choosing ski equipment!
  • Before you start skiing, get ready with the right stretching movements: read our posts!
  • Once you have found the right balance, you will have to take your first steps, sliding on the snow as if you were skating on ice.
  • But this is not the first step: first you will have to find out one thing, and that is how to descend a mountain with skis on. Learning to ski means knowing the mountain and the “fall line”, which is the fastest way to the valley.
  • To learn how to ski, you have to continue perpendicular to the fall line: you have to “furrow” the mountain from right to left, and from left to right, in order to slowly descend towards the valley.
  • During your descent, by pointing your skis towards the valley, you will be able to descend towards the valley, while pointing them upwards you will stop or slow down your pace.

But let’s start with the first steps. Once you have put on your boots and are able to attach the skis, how to stand up?
The standard position suitable especially for beginners but also in various situations when you will be more experienced (for example to stop or slow down during a challenging descent) is the snow plow.

Getting to know the snow plow position is essential for learning to ski: it will allow you to quickly learn to walk and move on skis.
The correct position will also allow you to fall as little as possible as you go down the track.
The snow plow position is simple: bring the tips of the skis together and push the tails away, forming an inverted V.
Bend your knees slightly, and put your hands on your thighs: keep your balance, stay relaxed.
The position offers considerable stability: the distance between the skis brings the weight of the body to the center.

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