How to deal with fake people

Man is a social animal. It is a human tendency to be surrounded by friends to share their experiences and feelings with. However, not all friends are genuine; there are fake people around us who always behave strangely. As if we feel a signal we feel we want to stay away from them. Your life can improve a lot if we eliminate the negativities, the fake people from our environment. The more positive and genuine people around us, the better our chances of reaching our goals faster. Fortunately, there are some easy strategies on how to deal with fake people and these tricks can help you steer clear or defend yourself from hypocrites, fakes and haters.

Stay away from fake people and limit interactions

When you meet someone who bothers you or lets you down, you can simply avoid them. But it’s not always easy, let’s face it. Sometimes a sort of Stockholm Syndrome develops, for which we end up being linked to extraordinarily toxic, needy and inevitably false people. Limit the time you spend with this person and he / she will have less chance of burdening your days. By adopting this prevention policy, the initiative is obtained to punish the person for his character. Unless you’re dealing with a case report, this option tends to work. If the fake person is acting on purpose and is sorry for the lack of relationships, sooner or later they will have to deal with themselves if they really care. But sometimes we are faced with situations in which he excludes the false or the false of the moment, especially within groups, it is very complicated. In these cases, it is possible to keep your distance while remaining polite, sometimes it’s better than ignoring them completely. In a group there is less chance of having to be forced to interact with the fake on duty.

Do not overreact to the behavior of a fake

Dealing with this kind of behavior, usually boring and threatening at the same time, is never easy. Self-control from a big hand: avoid going into a rage by letting serious words escape from your mouth, the consequences could be worse. When it is not possible to resist, let him know that there are limits he has crossed.

Let him know that sincerity and righteousness are essential values for you

Among the strategies that can be adopted there is one based on your values. Define them, make them known, make it clear to the false person, who may be turning false after a normal start, that certain values matter in a relationship. Do it in a polite way at the beginning and make it clear that you care and that for you it is a way to respect a person.

Try to understand why the fake person is doing this

Now, you don’t have to turn into a detective or a psychologist to understand why a person is behaving so badly. But you can try to talk about it. Ask him why he’s been acting like this lately. If he avoids you and lies about the nature of your relationship and starts dating other people, ask him if there is something wrong.

Don’t confide in who you think is fake

Sometimes it happens to be surrounded by fake people who are also close to us, too close. As already said, a kind of toxic relationship is established in which it is no longer possible to distinguish good from evil. Once you realize you are dealing with a fake person, limit confidences and secrets as much as possible. In my experience, I had a friend who was envious and who always tried to take advantage of our relationship, although apparently he was someone who showed affection and closeness. At first I tried to set up stakes, but in the end I had to give up: I no longer told him anything about some professional or personal aspects, to prevent him from taking advantage of the situation. Yet otherwise he was an absolutely lovable person, to hang out with.

Make new friends

In general, false people, within a group, tend to be marginalized. So either the fake is excluded, or those who can’t take it anymore tend to leave and look for new friends. Friendship is an important aspect of our life, we cannot do without it because of a person. Try to surround yourself exclusively with genuine people, give preference to them, being surrounded by authentic people is really good for the spirit. If the environment becomes toxic, consider seeking new friends.

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