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How many grapes can you eat without gaining weight? Here are some details on its calories

The grape is among the fruits with more calories: but it does not affect our weight and brings many benefits to the body. If eaten without overdoing it, of course

The grape is a typical autumnal fruit and concludes our meals especially in the months of September and October, when, having reached full maturity, it is left to be enjoyed in all its variations. Whether white, black or pink, the grape has many beneficial properties for the body, although it is often demonized for its calories. And so, in front of a bunch of grapes, we stand there, undecided and perplexed, to ask ourselves the usual question: will it make us fat?

How many calories?

Grapes are certainly among the most caloric fruits that we find from the greengrocer because every 100 g they add 60 calories, which become 300 for raisins. But if it has a bad reputation of being high-calorie, perhaps not everyone knows that grapes also have the property of burning fat. Thanks to the resveratrol, contained in the peel, it is able to regulate the production of adiponectin and to speed up the metabolism. Aren’t you convinced? Then know that the calories present are due almost entirely, as much as 95%, to the presence of sugars: but good sugars, different from the refined ones.

How many grapes can you eat?

Of course, there is not a precise amount of how much grapes can be eaten to avoid gaining weight, because different factors come into play, such as lifestyle, to give an example. In short, just use common sense and do not overdo the portions. A good rule would be to eat the right amount to satiate a sense of hunger without exceeding. However, if you really want advice, we say that, as a general rule, grapes can be consumed quietly every day, but never more than a bunch. Best if eaten as a snack between meals rather than at the end of lunch or dinner. In the case of raisins, instead, the rules are stricter: considering that it is really high calorie, only a few grains are allowed per day.

Prefer white grapes

If you want to keep your weight at bay, it is advisable to consume white grapes because it is less caloric than other varieties, contains less fat and is very rich in water, which gives a sense of satiety and at the same time moisturizes the body.

The beneficial properties

In its berries, it contains many beneficial properties for the body, which is why it should not be eliminated from the diet. It is a natural anti-wrinkle because thanks to the presence of antioxidants it slows down cellular aging. It has an anticarcinogenic power, prevents infections, takes care of the intestine and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

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