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How does 13 Reasons Why 4 end? All about the THIRTEEN 4 finale

After a second season that most already considered non-essential, and a third season that disappointed most of the remaining fans, Netflix continued with a fourth cycle of THIRTEEN. Yet the series created by Brian Yorkey had been struggling for some time, forcing the intertwining of the characters and trying to replicate the noble intentions of the story of Hannah Baker. For this reason, many of the audience who had intensely followed the bullying student’s suicide account left the show. Not to be exhausted, however, is the curiosity of the TV series lovers about the characters to which you were in any case fond of. So we decided not to completely ignore the last season of 13 Reasons Why, and to briefly reveal how THIRTEEN 4 species ends for those who do not want to see the remaining 10 episodes.

The previous season, with a marked change in style and tone, had followed the slow surfacing of secrets around Bryce Walker’s death. Finally it turned out that Alex and Zach had been killed by the bully of Liberty High (who had already used violence against Hannah) with the complicity of Jessica. But one of the key points of the third season also revealed the arrest of Montgomery. The boy, a friend of Bryce and also one of the most quarrelsome and violent of the school, dies in prison after admitting his latent homosexuality.

Hence the adventures of the characters of 13 Reasons Why, and only with these assumptions can we understand how THIRTEEN 4 ends.

Clay’s story and student clashes with the police

In the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why Clay seems to return to being the emotionally unstable boy of the early days. The lies and secrets collected by all the comrades around the death of Bryce and Monty now weigh on him like a boulder.

The tension accumulated by Clay will culminate during an incredible school shooting that will see the S.W.A.T. As the police try to restore order, Clay grabs the weapon of one of the officers, causing further panic. His is the clear sign of a nervous breakdown, at the end of which the boy still manages to recover.

As with a disturbing conjunction of events, while protests against the police are widespread in America in the controversial #DefundPolice campaign, even Liberty High students will have the opportunity to interact with the uniformed authorities. In addition to the episode of the shooting, in fact, during a protest, the protagonists end up at the center of a violent fight with the police.

Unlike the way things continue in real life, the situation in THIRTEEN quickly returns to normal. The boys turn the page and concentrate once again on their projects, one of them being the new school dance.

Justin’s bitter fate

Justin finds himself positive for the HIV test, which quickly becomes AIDS, condemning him to a few days of life. Many have criticized this storyline as well as the fate chosen for one of the most loved characters by the public. Justin’s story appeared out of tune but above all out of time, given that in most cases today AIDS is curable and no longer deadly.

In any case, the boy contracted the virus by using drugs and prostituting himself when he was still living with his mother. Although his life was now regularized, unlike his companions, he will not even be able to graduate. In fact, death will catch him close to the last days of school.

At the end of the season, however, his spirit will return to visit Clay as had already happened for Hannah.

The ending of 13 Reasons Why 4 with the “return” of Hannah Baker

And speaking of Hannah Baker, there is somehow she, the protagonist of the first two seasons, in the final of THIRTEEN 4. Here is how 13 Reasons Why ends: Clay, Zach, Alex, Jessica, Tyler, Ryan and others among the main characters they have now graduated and have dug a pit in which to bury the cassettes of their deceased companion.

In the same circumstance, the ghost of Bryce who had already appeared in a graduation scene alongside his inseparable friend Justin, reveals himself to Jessica. This, apart from the others, indulges in an exchange of jokes that has aroused considerable perplexity in viewers.

In fact, Jessica seems to be pleased with the presence of her rapist, to whom now, having overcome the trauma, she almost seems to attribute the merit of having made her meet the close-knit group of friends.

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