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Honey does not expire. A sweetness that lasts forever

It has been shown that properly stored, honey does not expire. With the right precautions, the sweet nectar of bees can be maintained for millennia

It is said that in life nothing lasts forever. In most cases this maxim is true. But not in the case of honey. The delicious nectar of bees, among the many virtues, includes one that should not be underestimated. That of being long-lasting. To the point that we can say that honey does not expire. Provided, of course, it is kept in the correct way. One more reason, therefore, not to miss it in the kitchen. Just make sure that you have stored it correctly, preserving it from attack by insects and you are guaranteed to be able to count on a product that potentially lasts forever.

Honey does not expire, it is good and is good for health

Bee honey is really extremely precious nectar. First of all, it is very sweet and tasty. It is no coincidence that it is popular with young and old and is often used as an ingredient for the preparation of numerous recipes, both sweet and savory. It is, in fact, versatile food that lends itself to various uses. Among which the much appreciated one of being able to replace sugar to sweeten foods and drinks and prepare healthier recipes. But honey also boasts numerous beneficial properties for the body. It is able, for example, to relieve cough, to increase physical strength, to preserve the liver, to rebalance the digestive system, and to help keep the heart and cardiovascular system healthy. Also used on hair, it gives strength, softness, and shine. And, as if all this were not enough, honey does not expire.

Why does honey not expire?

The reason why it can remain so long over time lies in its chemical structure. As revealed by Troppo, in fact, it has reduced water content and a consistent level of acidity. Features that make it a stable food that is not subject to attack by bacteria and mold. A practical confirmation came from none other than archaeologists. In fact, a group of scholars found a series of jars of honey in some Egyptian tombs that had remained intact over time. Neither the taste, nor the perfume, nor the consistency had undergone any alteration. The burial had guaranteed the nectar the ideal conditions to preserve its characteristics. To keep it long, it is essential to keep it in the right way. Under the right conditions, honey does not expire.

To ensure that it cannot be altered, it is important, first of all, to seal it carefully. It is necessary to let all the air out of the jar and make sure that the closure is firm and hermetic. Once the tightness of the container has been ascertained, it must be stored in a cool, dry and possibly dark place at a temperature of not less than 20 °. By adopting these precautions, honey should be preserved from all forms of alteration. In addition to the natural crystallization process that would not, however, make it harmful to the body. It takes, therefore, only a lot of attention and some care to make a jar of honey practically eternal.

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