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Here is the strongest coffee in the world. Keeps 18 hours awake

A coffee so strong that it keeps those who drink it for 18 hours awake. The news comes from Australia, where a super caffeine-based drink was invented. The coffee in question is called Asskicker, it is composed of espresso and milk, it should be drunk within 4 hours and promises a state of excitement that lasts for 18 consecutive hours. The “drink” in question contains over 5 grams of caffeine, a disproportionate if we think of the 63 milligrams contained on average by an espresso.

To understand how powerful this coffee is, just think that the American FDA recently established the daily limit of caffeine that can be consumed by an individual around 400 milligrams. This dose allows you to have no negative effects on the body or to run hazards, however above this threshold caffeine can become harmful to the body.

However, this does not seem to have frightened the owner of an Adelaide cafe who decided to create super coffee. The man, interviewed by CNN, explained that he had created the drink for a friend of his nurse who, exhausted by long shifts in the hospital, was unable to stay awake despite drinking several coffees. To drink the super coffee, customers must first complete a questionnaire and have an interview, declaring that they do not have heart problems or suffer from hypertension. Despite this, those who agree to drink super coffee will be informed that such a high dose of caffeine causes symptoms such as dizziness, dilated pupils, nausea, excessive sweating.

In fact, coffee, if taken in the right doses, can be good for our body, protecting it from the risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease and infections. The same is not true, however, when taken in excessive doses. According to scholars, 10 grams would be the lethal dose to kill a man. The equivalent of two Australian coffees.

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