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After the news on the indiscriminate price increases and the fake news with “imaginative” recipes on social networks to solve the problems related to hand sanitizers, which have become unavailable for the coronavirus epidemic, given that the Ministry of Health recommends, especially in these days of wash your hands often with soap and water, and to use a disinfectant gel when you are away from home, we will give you some advice on how to prepare a hand sanitizing gel.

It being understood that the most effective method, as reported by the Ministry of Health, is to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 60 seconds, the minimum time necessary to eliminate the greatest bacterial load present on our skin, another ally of ours, if you don’t have water and soap available, it is alcohol and disinfectants that contain it with a concentration of at least 60%, again as reported by the website of the Ministry of Health.

Below we explain how to make disinfectant gel at home according to the recipe of the World Health Organization.

Recipe: Homemade hand wash gel

The gel that could be used is nothing more than a sanitizer based on ethyl alcohol, sodium hypochlorite diluted in water in specific percentages based on the different uses that are made of it. Just starting from these ingredients, it is possible to make a do-it-yourself hand sanitizer.


  • 833 ml of 96% ethyl alcohol
  • 42 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 15 ml of glycerin (glycerol, available in the pharmacy for a few euros) at 98%
  • distilled water or boiled and cooled water up to 1 liter

Store it in a plastic or glass bottle, and close it well.

How to disinfect hands

To be truly effective, ethyl alcohol should not be used pure, but diluted in water in a percentage not lower than 75% and on clean hands, free of incrustations of any type or layers of grease, and dry. In the recipe for homemade disinfectant gel there is also glycerin, because it serves to increase the density of the product preventing it from slipping away from the hands. Finally, hydrogen peroxide serves to eliminate any bacterial spores not killed by alcohol.

Then there are more home-made methods, but they can still help us when we are not at home and we don’t have soap and water.

Let’s see how we can prepare a DIY disinfectant gel at home, with easily available ingredients.

Those who have a minimum of knowledge on cleaning and disinfection know that to eliminate harmful microorganisms, unfortunately disinfectants alone are not enough, even the strongest ones (and I mean those that cannot be used on the skin) are able to completely eliminate bacteria and viruses , they only manage to lower the bacterial load. In almost all disinfectant gels, the main ingredient is alcohol which, however, is not a disinfectant (although in the past it was believed that it was) and is also active only in high concentrations.

Given that to eliminate viruses and bacteria in the best way you have to wash your hands with soap and water, there is a natural alternative to carry around when you are out and about and you cannot access the water: we remind you that this is not a solution that will ‘ensure’ the elimination of viruses and bacteria from your hands, but can still help you limit them.

Vinegar has an excellent disinfectant power, it does not hurt and if combined with essential oils and hydrogen peroxide it becomes even more powerful, with vinegar you can prepare an excellent spray to lower the bacterial load on the hands (and also on the surfaces) in case of emergency.

Here’s what it takes to prepare this vinegar-based solution:


White vinegar or apple cider vinegar, water, tea tree essential oil, 100 ml spray bottle

How to prepare it:

  • Fill the spray bottle with:
  • 49 ml of vinegar
  • 49 ml of water
  • 2 ml (about 40 drops) of Tea Tree Essential Oil.

How to make hand sanitizing gel?

Close with the cap and shake the bottle well to favor the emulsion. You can safely spray the mixture on your hands when you don’t have water and soap available, or after washing your hands as an additional measure, however always remember to shake the mixture before using it to restore the emulsion.

If you want to maximize the disinfectant effect of the vinegar, you can prepare another equal spray bottle but filled with hydrogen peroxide. First spray the bottle with the vinegar mixture on the hands and then with the one with hydrogen peroxide.

Hand sanitizer with aloe vera:

Let’s see how to prepare a DIY hand sanitizing gel at home with aloe vera and tea tree oil:

Aloe vera and tea tree oil: combined with the benefits of essential oils, they are a real wonder.

When you are away from home and dealing with many people or public transport, it is essential to keep your hands clean and sanitized. Without having to go and buy a classic ready-made disinfectant (perhaps precisely because it cannot be found), you can make one at home, customizing it according to your needs. The products are absolutely natural, such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and lavender. In addition, however, we will add to these ingredients, denatured alcohol to kill bacteria and viruses (such as the coronavirus ​​COVID-19).

We also suggest you how to prepare a do-it-yourself hand wash gel, to always keep in your purse or even at home, in case in these days the shelves of supermarkets will continue to remain without them.

Do it yourself hand sanitizer: the recipe

The basic recipe for a do-it-yourself disinfectant, as explained by the WHO and as anticipated above, is composed of: for 1 Liter, 833 ml of 96% ethyl alcohol, 42 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 15 ml of glycerin (glycerol) 98% and distilled water or boiled and cooled enough to reach 1 liter.

Put in one or more bottles. Before making it with your own hands, however, we remind you that alcohol is highly flammable: make it only if you are sure you have the skills.

Hand sanitizing gel, the recipe with tea tree oil Tea tree oil is an excellent natural disinfectant and can be used as the basis for many hand sanitizing products.

All you need to get a DIY disinfectant are:

15 drops of Tea Tree essential oil, 150 ml of denatured alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), 30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil 100 g of aloe vera gel Mix the oils together and add the alcohol. Finally add the aloe and pour the mix into a container with a stopper (bottle) and shake well before using it. To increase the disinfectant action of the tea tree and if you want to give the product a citrus scent, you can add 5 drops of bergamot or lemon essential oil.

DIY hand sanitizing gel with aloe vera:

To prepare an aloe vera sanitizing gel, it will take you a few minutes. You need: 100 g of aloe vera gel 15 drops of lavender essential oil clove oil to taste 150 ml of denatured alcohol tea tree oil to taste Pour 10 drops of each essential oil and aloe gel into a bowl and mix well. Then add the alcohol, then pour the mix obtained in an old recycling vial and keep it away from light.

Spicy hand sanitizing gel with cinnamon:

Get an empty dispenser vial that previously contained liquid soap and wash it thoroughly. Always use aloe vera gel as a base, two tablespoons will be enough, and add 15 drops of essential oil to cinnamon and lemon. Dilute everything with 100 ml of water and mix everything. Shake it before using it to mix the oils.

As for the recipe to prepare Amuchina at home, which has been circulating online in recent days, Zago himself advises against trying his hand at making this DIY product at home.

Disinfectant gel, how to do it at home with the recipe of the World Health Organization

The Ministry of Health specifies that, for correct hand hygiene, it is essential to wash them often for at least 40-60 seconds, or to pass the sanitizer for at least 30-40 seconds. We also do not recommend the excessive use of ethyl alcohol based disinfectants which, over time, dry out the skin and could promote resistance in bacteria. Better to wash your hands often, in short, and follow the vademecum distributed by the Ministry on Coronavirus “

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