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In one year the lone activist became the leader of the ‘Nobel’ prize-winning movement for ecology

Greta Thunberg, a year ago was alone, today striking millions of young people all over the world, 1 million only in Italy. Even a person can make a difference if the cause for which he is fighting catches the common feeling: the planet to be saved, today not tomorrow as the sixteen-year-old Swedish activist is literally screaming at the power of the earth.

Greta’s first strike, on a Friday in front of the Swedish Parliament instead of going to school, with the sign saying ‘Strike for the climate’ is in August 2018 and that photo, which became the shot of the year, tells the power of the change.

A year later what was done about climate, climate change? Even before government actions – the reduction of greenhouse gases, the stop to the use of fossil fuels and the transition to clean and renewable energies – has changed people and today the theme of the environment, sustainability, safeguarding the planet, the reduction of single-use plastic, recycling is the macro theme of the whole society and training of an entire generation of young people, the Greta Generation. Adults who don’t understand the strength of this teenager, that part of the adult world that almost bullies Greta, are unable to look at the present, let alone the future.

“I find this image so incredibly moving,” wrote Scottish activist Louise Macdonald posting lonely Greta on twitter. “In just a year, he has created a wave that will change the world. We should never underestimate the power of a young man.”

After the 4 million young people on the streets of the world in the strike on September 20, millions of people in all the world’s squares mobilized on September 27 to bring the issue of the climate crisis to the center of attention, the third world strike. In Italy, the minister for education Lorenzo Fioramonti supports the boys and ‘justifies’ them. Monday, September 23 Greta Thunberg was at the UN climate summit and almost in tears before the power of the world said: “I shouldn’t be here, I should be at school on the other side of the ocean, but you stole my dreams and my childhood with your empty words “. The guys from #FridaysForFuture hail her as the leader of the whole movement. “The student movement Fridays for Future pushes for immediate actions against climate change through activism campaigns from below and political initiatives. It was chosen as Champion of the Earth 2019 in the section ‘Inspiration and action’ for its fundamental role in raising awareness of the topic and in promoting solutions. “This was the motivation that, at the United Nations, accompanied the conquest, by the spontaneous movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, of the most important recognition of the environment assigned in the world. A sort of Nobel Prize for ecology. In less than a year of life, launched by Greta Thunberg with the hashtag of the same name, the global student movement has brought millions of passionate activists to the streets to make their voices heard. Every Friday (in Italy 43 times since December 14, 2018), students from all over the world ask politicians to better understand the causes and concretely address the SF idea of climate change and the ecological crisis. “The Fridays For Future movement has added passion, hope, and urgency to our efforts to counter the worst effects of the crisis. These young people are an inspiration and a guiding voice to remind us what we need to do and that if we don’t do it today, our inertia will have serious consequences in the future, “said Inger Andersen, United Nations Environmental Program Director. On them, on the Italian rib of the movement, with the crowdfunding launched on Produzioni dal Basso, with the troupe of Italia Che Cambia and Terra Nuova Edizioni a documentary is being directed by Ezio Maisto: ‘Irresponsible Boys’

Linked to the Fridays for Future, #AllInForClimateAction was born, where petitions born in every corner of the world, from the Change.Org platform, ask their Governments to take quick and decisive actions to combat climate change. Some of the petition promoters in the movement presented the various All in for Climate Action campaigns at the United Nations’ Youth Summit organized in New York and where they delivered over 1 million signatures to UN Vice Secretary Amina J. Mohammed ea Luis Alfonso de Alba, special envoy of the UN Secretary-General.

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