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Hey guys for today’s post, in honor of “Mystery Monday”, I’ll be talking about a really strange and unique story. How many times have you thought about death or dying in general? Well, I know it’s going to sound really weird but I do, and pretty often. When I saw this article I thought it was really interesting and kinda strange and I wanted to share it with you guys! If you have other spooky or scary stories or unsolved mysteries don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section down below!

Jean Hilliard: The riddle of the frozen dead woman came back to life. The case is still a mystery. She was found in the snow by a friend who was completely frozen but managed to survive to tell it. It happened in Lenby, Minnesota, United States. On a cold winter morning in the early 1980s, a 19-year-old boy discovers his neighbor adolescent Jean Hilliard lying in the snow. His whole body is stiff and frozen since he remained outdoors all night at a temperature that reached 25 ° C below zero.
Apparently Jean had an accident with his car. When he found his body, he immediately called the local hospital, where his state surprised the doctors. One of the nurses said that Jean “was so cold as if she had been taken out of a freezer” and that “her face was absolutely white, she had the pallor of the dead”. Jean suffered from severe frostbite and the doctors could not move or bend any of his joints.
The hospital’s medical staff did everything possible, but the situation was really extreme. Even if Jean could regain consciousness, most likely his brain would have suffered serious damage. Furthermore, the degree of freezing was such that the doctors thought that both legs should be amputated.
His family could not help but wait for a miracle.
Two hours later, Jean suffered violent convulsions and regained consciousness. She appeared perfectly healthy both mentally and physically, although a little confused. Even the freezing was slowly disappearing from his legs to the doctors’ amazement. Forty-nine days later she was discharged without losing a single finger and with a few small bruises.
“I can’t explain why she is alive,” was the honest statement of the doctor who treated the case of this 19-year-old girl, who collapsed from hypothermia on a cold night and was exposed to extreme temperatures for 6 long hours.
This incredible story was published in the New York Times.

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