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Feel good about yourself: how to find inner balance

The secret to feeling good about yourself is to find an inner balance in all aspects of yourself, bringing harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Everything in us is connected, so the balance on the psychological and emotional level, for example, also affects the body and our whole being. In fact, when there is no inner balance we experience moments of discomfort, difficulty, and pain. Conversely, if we can restore the balance between body, mind, and spirit, we can live inner well-being and our life reflects it.

You have to take care of yourself, physically, mentally and internally to restore balance.
Now I want to talk to you about some aspects you can work on to be better off with yourself.

Don’t depend on others
We must learn to feel good on our own and not be emotionally dependent on others. Individual freedom is important, even in relationships. In fact, feeling good about yourself is the condition for feeling good about others, in any type of relationship. Not to depend on others means to love unconditionally, that is to love without expecting anything in return. It is easy to say, but to do it I think it takes a whole life, or maybe more!

Let go of what you don’t need
The people you attract to your life are those who “vibrate” at your own frequency, with whom you resonate and which “you need” at that moment. But nothing is forever, so also people who enter and leave our lives. When it happens, you can let go of people or situations that can no longer be part of your life, without feelings of guilt or suffering.

When you change, people and situations around you also change. Let it be so, do not attach yourself to anything, neither to things nor to people. Okay so, accept it, flow.

Leave guilt behind
How many times do we self-accuse or feel judged by others? We must free ourselves from the guilt that emerges when we fall into the traps of the mind. Even if you think you are guilty, you can manage to forgive yourself and develop more self-love and greater self-esteem by trying to transcend the ego.

To be esteemed and to be able to understand that everything is perfect as it is, is a great leap forward to be able to feel good about yourself.

What others think should not interest you, the important thing is what you think of yourself. Do not feel judged, rather understand that you are doing well as you are!

Leave the judgment
Abandoning the judgment on others and on oneself is fundamental, judging you do nothing but complain about something that, for you, is not good. Try to accept the things you can’t change and focus on your inner change.

If you don’t like a situation and you can’t change it, don’t be damaging your soul by persisting and raging against it, but try to understand why that situation entered your life and work on what happens internally.

Remember that when you point a finger you have three more pointing at you!

Develop gratitude
Gratitude is one of the best ways to access joy and abundance in our life. We are often distracted by what we don’t like in our life and we don’t pay attention to the small (or big) things to be thankful for every day.

When we develop a sense of deep gratitude, life does nothing but offer us occasions to be even more grateful for. Try to experience it in your life. What you give back to you!

And remember that YOU ARE ALIVE!

Question: How many times have you thanked today? 🙂

Find out who you really are
Reconnecting with yourself is a fundamental step to regain your power, but first, you need to find out who you really are and take responsibility for your life.

Try to meditate to discover the deepest parts of yourself internally, everything you are looking for is inside you. Discover your mission in life, that purpose that makes you feel fulfilled, happy, full of enthusiasm, in deep contact with life.

Feeling good about yourself is perhaps this: being the best expression of yourself.

Discover the dream of your soul
We can give our best when we are inspired, when we have this fire inside that pushes us forward.
But what is this force that drives us? Is it not born from our deepest part, from our soul?

Finding the dream of one’s soul and pursuing it makes us incredibly happy precisely because we are doing what we really deeply desire.

Have you ever wondered why you are here where you are and what you came to do?

Develop a positive attitude
This topic is talked about so much but never as today science has shown us how thoughts interact with matter.
Our thoughts influence ourselves and the reality around us and this bond is very close, so you can understand how important it is to be able to develop a positive inner attitude to positively influence our life.

Controlling your mind, instead of being enslaved by it, is important. As a first step, you should understand that energy goes where you put attention, learning to “shift” attention from one thought to another is the first step.

Positive thoughts will come to you as you work internally. The less space you give to your fears, the more you get used to controlling your mind and creating conscious thoughts of a higher frequency.
Develop a higher thought pattern, but to do this you will have to reconnect to the most authentic part of yourself.

Leave the limiting beliefs
The mind, very often, really makes us slaves and succubus of patterns and beliefs from which it would be good to free ourselves.
Taking back your power will allow you to control your mind and act with greater awareness.

The mind is a very powerful and very complex tool and we are often conditioned by limiting beliefs that are rooted in our subconscious mind. You can transform them with the help of techniques with ThetaHealing and become a co-creator of your reality.

By internally transforming these parts of you so deep that they block you, you will see a wonderful transformation happen in your life.

Do what makes you happy
Find what makes you truly happy and eliminate the beliefs that drive you away from making your dreams come true.
Often what makes us happier is to follow our passions and it is what comes from deep within us but you could be the one to block it.

Find a way to express your talents and fulfill your soul’s dream. But remember one important thing: you can be happy now, here, right now.

Happiness is always there, it is we who must re-tune into the right frequency!

Open yourself to change
Everything is constantly changing and flowing in this constant future of our life, allows us to live more serenely and feel good about ourselves.

If the mind is resisting, or you are “locked up” in patterns and habits from which you want to free yourself, develop greater willpower.
Start with small steps. Making even small changes in your life will bring you great results.

If the wind of change blows, do not build a wall, but rather a windmill! – Chinese proverb

Take care of yourself
All aspects of us are important, taking care of yourself means doing it in all senses.
Try to treat your body in the best way, starting from a healthy diet. I personally recommend the vegetarian or vegan one and in any case the use of natural and organic products for your diet.

If you can practice some movement regularly and activities like Yoga that benefit both the body and the mind.
Today you can practice many holistic disciplines and vibrational energy techniques, which allow you to work on a more subtle level to restore inner balance.

Surely you will also find meditation very useful, which is one of the simplest, but at the same time most effective tools, to find yourself and achieve a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

As a “last” advice, I would tell you that love is always fundamental. So love yourself and love! … and remember to spend time with the people you love!

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