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Why do events that cause suffering occur in our lives even if we seem to have behaviors that do not seek this?
Why even if we hurry, do we use all our strength to get positive answers sometimes we have the opposite?

Does life just enjoy playing bad tricks on us? Is he a jester who delights in making fun of us, or is there any other reason?

good evening for a few days that I actually do not propose articles, I apologize but I do not always manage to have enough time and, not always, I am in the best position to write something interesting or at least I think it is.
To date, what I have included in the blog are topics that interest me very closely and that I hope that you who follow me and whom I really thank from the heart, will also be of interest.
In addition, I also want to read up before writing and this often takes me time.
For all this series of reasons I am not daily present but in my opinion it is better not to write a lot but to communicate with the heart and the commitment. It is this concept that underlies my relationship with the blog and with you.

It is often said that there is everything and more on the net, there is utility, there is information but also ugliness and misinformation to say the least. So I want to be sure of what I propose because I feel that there is a part of responsibility and also because what is present in “lettorenonpercaso” is the mirror of me, I care.

I will now explain the reason for the video I inserted at the beginning.
I ended up by chance on it and it struck me because it reflects many topics and thoughts that are present in this corner of the net.
For example, those who started reading my proposals initially came out of curiosity or by chance, very often in fact, in the comments they told me so. And I, too, some topics connected to others by chance, or because actually having started a journey, did we prepare a type of eventuality that made us meet? For better or worse we all get rich by reading what each one presents and what is written on the flower.
Among the many events there is often happiness but also pain, sadness, injustice. When they happen we think we don’t deserve them but sometimes life takes choices that seem obscure but everything has a reason nothing happens by chance and in these moments we have to accept and deepen to understand what teachings we must learn. We are here on earth, in this historical moment because we have a task to carry out and therefore every minimum event is connected to this mission of ours that we do not understand but that we must accomplish if we want to progress.

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