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Every action has a consequence

Each action corresponds to an equal and opposite reaction. In addition to being the third principle of dynamics, it is (in my opinion) one of the fundamental principles of the life of every human being.

Life is made of choices and every choice in turn becomes a cause. Because choosing means giving up something to get another, it means preferring one thing to another and following one path rather than another. And it becomes the cause of what comes next, it becomes a cause that has consequences.

Sometimes right choices are made, sometimes wrong choices are made. At other times, however, it is not a question of right or wrong, rather of “it is better for myself”. You can follow your heart, you can follow reason, you can follow instinct. They can be weighted choices or choices taken immediately and, in some cases, they do not even find a real motivation.

The consequences (as a consequence) can be foreseeable or very predictable. In the first case they fall as sudden as lightning in the blue, in the second they have been foreseen and voluntarily ignored.

Those of the second case are the most common: they are those that derive from actions carried out with carelessness, with imprudence, sometimes with carelessness. Like when you gorge on sweets and then the scale marks 5 kg too much. Here, they are the ones that are consciously ignored because they are the worst: they slam reality into your face at the precise moment when you believe that everything is now resolved.

The choice was made, the cause started like a tractor and the consequences turned on the light on reality. A reality that overflowing with consequences no longer spares anything and merely serves the bill: accepting the consequences.

Each action corresponds to an equal and opposite reaction, in fact. Maturity is not so much in making a choice. It’s about realizing the type of choice made, the consequences it has brought with it and the best attitude you can take to avoid the catastrophe. Because if choosing involves renunciation and conquest, it does not contemplate the power to maneuver and manage the reactions of others. And if the latter are equal and contrary to the original choices, it is useless to cry over the spilled milk or to look for a justification at all costs: it is time to take responsibility.

In summary, it is useless to choke on food as if there was no tomorrow and then wonder if you do not enter a size 38, as it is useless to continue acting without thinking and then be surprised if people react contrary to expectations. Everything, concrete or abstract, has its own weight. The scales invented them for this: weighing to realize, weighing not to abuse, weighing to be able to remedy. A bit like consciences, isn’t it?

And the point is precisely this: the worst consequences are those deriving from scales (and consciences) placed in a corner and never used. Together with that beautiful and very expensive dress size 38.

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