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Euphoria: 20 things you (maybe) don’t know about the HBO TV series

Among the TV series of this 2019, Euphoria was one of the biggest surprises but also one of the most interesting products. Although initially, we can think of a Skins with American-like hues (they had already tried with US Skins and it had not gone so well!) The truth is that it is an honest, brutal and at times difficult picture of a generation that we don’t know enough.

If Skins talked about previous generations, the Sam Levinson Euphoria TV series talks to today’s teenagers. To the problems, anxieties, fears, and difficulties of a new, technologically advanced generation – in all senses.



1 – Sam Levinson (creator, director, and screenwriter of the TV series) has revealed that many of the scenes in the TV series have been inspired by his experiences. In fact, the director revealed that he had suffered from depression and anxiety attacks in the past, as well as having had an addiction to drugs.

2 – Sam Levinson wanted to speak, before shooting began, with both Hunter Schafer and Barbie Ferreira, who play Jules and Kat respectively. He was very interested in integrating their experiences – as the first transgender and “curvy” (pass me the term) the second. Both have provided part of their personal experiences to make their characters as credible as possible.

3 – After Zendaya was chosen as Rue, she and Hunter Schafer did a chemistry test. It went very well, according to Schafer, since the two immediately integrated, feeling almost like a “family”.


4 – His role as Jules in the TV series Euphoria is, in all respects, the first working experience in the field of acting for Hunter Schafer. Before, she was a full-time model in New York.

5 – Angus Cloud was chosen for the part of Fezco rather quickly. Casting director Jennifer Venditti revealed that as soon as she saw the recording with Cloud’s audition she was “100% sure” that they had found the right Fezco.

6 – In episode 3, Kat (Barbie Ferreira) sees a really small penis. His reaction is authentic. The actress revealed that she asked the writers to really see him for the first time in the scene so that they could “act” in the most authentic way possible.


7 – Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate, revealed that at the time of the audition for the TV series Euphoria he was practically almost homeless. He did not have an agency to follow him, he had no money and even heard his jokes at the hearing.

8 – Lexie’s role was written by Levinson with Maude Apatow in mind. He and the actress had successfully collaborated on Assassination Nation and the casting director was very resolute in stating that the role was written with a very clear person in mind.

9 – The actress who plays Maddie, Alexa Demie, admitted that the universe “indicated” that it would be part of the Euphoria TV series. The first sign was having met Jacob Elordi at the auditions: he immediately understood that they would give him the part of Nate. The second sign was a sandwich in a place where she went to eat, which was called “Euphoria”. Finally, Demie dreamed of being Zendaya’s best friend before she even met her.

10 – The scene in the first episode, in which Rue moves in a rotating room, was created thanks to an authentic corridor model which was then rotated. As Zendaya moved freely in space, the other actors were “attached” to the floor.


11 – Eric Dane wore a prosthesis for his nude scene in episode 1.

12 – Jacob Elordi admitted that many of the scenes between him and Alexa made him feel bad. He cares a lot about her as a person and has revealed that he would not have been sorry if the two had had more “normal” scenes, as a couple, where they went to the cinema or to eat ice cream.

13 – Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie, revealed that before filming began she created a diary in which she tried to extrapolate Cassie’s true character. In an interview with MTV, he revealed that it was a diary full of art, quotes, and lyrics of tearful songs.


14 – One of the most difficult scenes to shoot, according to the cast and director, was that of Luna Park. It was a very large space, and shooting the necessary scenes took 6 nights. Zendaya admitted that it was so dusty and cold that he needed an inhaler.

15 – Zendaya accepted the role of Rue because he thought it went outside the box and was completely different from the other roles he had played until then. She wanted a role that would allow her to show herself to others in a completely different light.

16 – The make-up artists of the Euphoria TV series, Doriella Davy, has revealed that the makeup of each character reflects something in that specific moment of his narrative arc. It represents their feelings and what they are going through. For example, Maddie wears glitter to show that she believes in herself but stops applying glitter after Nate’s abuse.


17 – Jules’ make-up has been specially designed to be unconventional, just like her character isn’t. It was a way to externalize its unconventional character.

18 – The cast had a group chat in which he freaked out on the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio saw the TV series. Barbie even ordered t-shirts with the exact phrase that Di Caprio spoke to Variety’s microphones.

19 – In the first season, 5 episodes were directed by creator Sam Levinson. Three of the 8 episodes of the first season, however, were directed by women: Augustine Frizzell, Pippa Bianco, and Jennifer Morrison.

20 – Sam Levinson made sure that the working environment was as collaborative as possible for the entire cast. The cast had dinner before filming and the director personally confronted the cast members on elements such as makeup, the character of their characters, costumes.

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