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Essay on the social question

During the 1700s, the economic availability and the increase of the population allowed England to create industries. Since then, the way of producing goods has changed. Previously, goods were produced by artisans, while, starting from the 1700s, with industrialization, goods were produced through the work of machines, supported by man.
These machines were concentrated in places called factories. The large land holdings were fenced off and this prevented peasants from cultivating the land around their village. Therefore, the peasants abandoned their lands and moved to the city, where they offered their labor to the owners of the factories. Thus, a new social class was born: the working class. However, these changes had negative consequences. The workers worked for about 14 hours a day in inhumane conditions and paid with starvation wages.
Even worse were the conditions of women and children, who received a lower salary than men, while working in the same way and in some cases even better. For example, women had tapered fingers and this benefited them in production. The children, on the other hand, being thin, could pass more easily in the narrowest tunnels of the mines. Often the children were taken from orphanages, which were very common at the time due to the low life expectancy of the adult population. To remedy this situation of crisis, due to the exploitation and conditions of extreme misery of the working class, some proposed a classless society and the abolition of private property, while others proposed to stop the emergency situation through charitable and assistance works. to the people exploited by the capitalists, without however ever questioning the capitalist system.


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