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Essay on silence

In an attitude of silence the soul finds its path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive is resolved in a crystal of clarity, Gandhi As Gandhi says every individual in silence manages to orient himself towards a path of serenity, succeeding to have clear ideas. And that’s right, silence is one of those moments in which every soul is able to clarify with itself and with the world and in which it is possible to reflect in full peace and serenity.
. In the context of contemporary society, everything is hectic, chaotic and generally one can rarely find a moment for oneself. Everything has become hectic in the surrounding world: in the world of work, the pace of work has often become very intense and hectic, leaving little room for reflection and moments of solitude. Often, even outside the world of work, the rhythms we are used to are routine and leave little space for moments of calm and to be able to devote ourselves to other “solitary activities”. In certain moments of our life, however, we need moments of tranquility to devote to our passions. In my opinion, silence is being able to feel good even in solitude, perhaps by reading a good book that projects us into real life stories, in which we identify with the personal history of certain people, dreaming of other worlds and other life experiences different from our theme on silence. . Silence is also being alone on a beautiful beach where there are not many people, being able to think of ourselves in a situation of total relaxation and inner peace. Silenzio is a large deserted metropolis during the holidays, where calm reigns and where it is possible to go out without hearing the “noises” of everyday life. In my opinion, silence is also being in contact with another person who, for example, tells us about her life and her personal events in a calm and relaxed way, transmitting in us a feeling of inner calm and serenity. Therefore, having moments in which we are immersed in total silence is very important to try in every way to orient our inner life path and to give meaning to our existence. As Charlie Chaplin finally says: “Silence is a universal gift that few know how to appreciate. Perhaps because it cannot be bought. The rich buy noise. The human soul revels in the silence of nature, which is revealed only to those who seek it. “


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