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Essay on pointillism

Pointillism is a pictorial movement or artistic current that developed in France around 1885, in fact it is also known by the French term Pointillisme. The current is the daughter of Divisionism from which it took its inspiration. Pointillism is in fact characterized by the decomposition of colors into small points that are made up of pure colors.
It was found that the local color was influenced by the neighboring color so the colors did not have to be mixed but combined, especially the complementary colors, to emphasize the division of the color.

The technique puts into practice the discoveries on visual perception and the theories of color. The method used requires very high precision.
The pictorial result tends to make the static compositions artificial, cold, with a lack of iridescence and movement.
Pointillism, however, also arises from Impressionism, from which it inherits the continuity of the study of light, typical of the Impressionists, and using the information derived from new scientific discoveries relating to the theme of color.

The pointillism pictorial technique consists in painting by placing many points of color on the support, one next to the other. In this art form the dots can be different in both size and intensity.
We started from the observation that each color is influenced by the color or colors that are close to it. So by combining the colors, rather than mixing them, you get the desired effect. The speech is valid, especially for complementary colors, as they are made up of basic (primary) colors.
With this technique, the fusion of colors does not take place in the painting, but in the eye of the observer. The term pointillism therefore derives from the fact that the colors are applied as many small dots. The sign becomes a directional brushstroke, which often wraps around itself or follows the shapes, or unfolds in an amalgam of light-color, with a circular and spiral trend.
The favorite subjects of these pointillist artists were landscapes and scenes of daily life.

The exponents of pointillism

The greatest exponent of pointillism was Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. who was also the creator of the pointillism from which pointillism derives. Starting from the principle that the shape of the brushstrokes is not important but the division of colors, another painter Paul Signac took up Seurat’s method using wider brushstrokes.


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