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Essay about the importance of life

Life is the greatest and most precious gift that man has been able to receive, it is the absolute value. We live it every day since it is part of each of us. There are those who believe that it was given to us by God and those who believe that it came from the Big Bang. Whatever its origin, it is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to us.
We often forget about it and experience it superficially, we dwell only on material objects. This is the biggest mistake that can be made, life is temporary, after it you don’t know what will happen. Those who are believers think that after death the soul will be judged by God, those who are not think that after death there will be nothing. Whatever the truth, the only certain thing is that after death, material goods will have no value and therefore it is not worth wasting our existence chasing them.

It often happens by bad luck or by fate that a person passes away prematurely. However, we must not fear death, because it is part of our life, it makes no sense to live with the fear of everything that is part of suffering.

Frequently we become spectators of our own life instead of being its creators and protagonists. Instead of doing something to change the trend, we think we are justified by the fact that we cannot completely control it. We cannot escape it, as long as we have the opportunity we must live it to the fullest. The time we all have is borrowed time, sometimes we forget it. We are always in a hurry trying to achieve great things for a future that we believe is safe and in doing so we tend to forget the value of a moment. The time we have now are moments that will never happen again, no one can go back. To better live our life we ​​must choose values, ideals in which we believe and be guided by them in all our choices. Only by living by them can we reach the highest and highest level of fulfillment in our life.

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