“Enola Holmes”: plot, cast, and trailer of the Netflix movie

The film adaptation of the novels by writer Nancy Springer has been streaming from 23 September

Enola: anagram of “halo”, is the name given to her by her mother Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), passionate about puns and convinced feminist. Holmes: is the family surname, which became famous thanks to his brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill), a well-known London investigator. Enola Holmes, played by the now grown up Millie Bobby Brown, is a sixteen-year-old girl, enterprising and not ordinary at the end of the nineteenth century, who finds herself living a complicated London adventure in the footsteps of her missing mother.

The film, based on the character created by Nancy Springer in her novels, arrives on Netflix on September 23. The adaptation maintains the characteristics of the young-adult story sought by its author, starting from the choice of the teen-idol of “Stranger Things” as the protagonist to her way of communicating with the public. Enola Holmes looks into the camera and speaks directly with the viewer, making him a participant in his life and the challenges he is brought to face.


Enola Holmes was raised alone by her mother Eudoria in a large country house. The woman, a politically active feminist, educated her in a non-ordinary way for a “girl of the Victorian age”: Enola reads a lot, knows how to fight, plays tennis (at home), paints, does science experiments, shoots with ‘bow, does not dress in a manner consistent with women’s dictates and much more. On his sixteenth birthday, however, he wakes up and his mother is missing, forcing his two eldest sons Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes to return home from London to look after their sister. Mycroft, who is the more rigid and conservative of the two, would like to put Enola in a boarding school to give her a “correct” education. Sherlock, meanwhile, sets out on the trail of his missing parent. Enola, who does not want to leave her fate in the hands of the two, leaves for London once the pieces of a crazy treasure hunt organized by her mother have been put together.


The film was directed by the Englishman Harry Bradbeer, famous for being the director of many episodes of the acclaimed Phoebe Waller-Bridge series “Fleabag”, which well adapts a costume story to the contemporary film, proposing a character who will leave the sign especially among the youngest, immersed in an adventure story that potentially appeals to everyone. In a light way it speaks of female independence, entering by right into that new neo-feminist narrative vein created to give the public different educational models.


Starring the film along with Millie Bobby Brown are Henry Cavill (“The Man of Steel”, “The Witcher” the series) as the thoughtful Sherlock Holmes, Sam Claflin (“Me before you”, “Rachel”) in those of the despotic Mycroft and Helena Bonham Carter (“Big Fish”, “Fight Club”, “The Crown” the series) in those of Eudora. Louis Partridge, Frances de la Tour, Fiona Shaw and Susie Wokoma, are some of the other performers.

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