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Enola Holmes 2, a sequel with Millie Bobby Brown: “The story is not over”

Millie Bobby Brown explains how the film about “Enola Holmes” was born, based on the literary saga of Nancy Springer, consisting of six novels

“Enola Holmes”, the new film starring Millie Bobby Brown, made its debut on Netflix last September 23, 2020. A film particularly awaited by fans of the young actress, famous for the TV series “Stranger Things”.

In a period in which many films are postponed, just think of the new Disney calendar, the streaming release of this title has excited fans. In addition to Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin and Helena Bonham Carter are also part of the cast. Film inspired by the literary saga of Nancy Springer, from which new titles could be taken.

Fans would certainly appreciate an “Enola Holmes” sequel, which by no means seems to be that far from being made. Interviewed by “Deadline”, Millie Bobby Brown and director Harry Bradbeer talked about the possibility of creating a saga or, at least, of giving life to a second chapter: “Chance for a sequel? If given the chance, sure. – said the director – This is a decision that has yet to be taken, but I think it would be very exciting “.

Millie Bobby Brown said she was ready to return in the role of Enola Holmes: “There is still a lot to tell. The story isn’t over. She has not grown up yet and there is no conclusion. I think this is a character in constant evolution but, of course, there is still some material to show “.


Millie Bobby Brown explained the genesis of the Enola Holmes film: “I read the books with my sister about 5 years ago. We looked at each other and I told her I wanted to play this part. At the time, however, I was 11-12 and the character was 16. So I knew it would be a project for the future. At the time, I had done nothing but ‘Stranger Things’ and was preparing for my first film, ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters’. “

The actress explained that she then spoke with her father, prompting him to find a studio willing to shoot this film. Almost instinctively they turned to Legendary, considering the collaboration for “Godzilla”. Once the right scriptwriter and, later, the director was identified, the collaboration began: “We talked a lot about improvisation. – said Brown – This is something with which I have never been very comfortable. ‘Stranger Things’ is totally written and usually I remain tied to the script. Eleven is Eleven and there is nothing I can add. But when we shot Enola, during the first day I realized I could explore the character ”.

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