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Drug Essay

Life is a balance above madness, there are ups and downs, good and bad situations that you have to go through and overcome, because as we know time never stops. But life, despite being something unpredictable and for those who believe in destiny, “already written”, sometimes comes across reckless acts. One of these that unfortunately afflicts the youth segment is drugs. Well yes, we do not know, because but young people, children just like us, find in the use of these substances a way out, despite the effect that does not last long, a way out of a world in which they cannot feel satisfied.
In today’s society there are various types of drug addiction, including alcoholism and psychoactive substances. Alcoholism is legalized but with limits to be respected, mistakenly thinking that it does not harm your health that much and this topic is talked about little or almost nothing. But the most dangerous form of drug addiction is certainly that constituted by drugs, of which, in particular the world of young people, unconsciously makes a great use of them. “Drugs”, or rather drug addiction, have been a problem for young people, parents, educators and families for decades and generations. The drug is a highly dangerous substance that causes irreversible damage to the brain and generates physical and psychological addictions that are difficult to treat; substances that seriously endanger the health of those who use them. Drugs fall into two categories: soft drugs and hard drugs. It starts from the lowest rung, that of soft drugs, which include marijuana and hashish. Both are taken through smoking, many are those who start as a joke and then find themselves being slaves to drugs, so then it becomes difficult get out of it. From Marijuana to Hashish, we gradually move on to hard and more expensive drugs such as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, even more dangerous because they are combined with other chemicals, carcinogenic and harmful to health. Hard drugs can be taken by inhalation or orally: some of them are also found in tablets, which is why a cocktail taken at the club on a Saturday night can be deadly. Very often kids who have found themselves smoking a marijuana or hashish cigarette are not punished as they should by the authorities because they think that a simple joint cannot do anything. Often the drug addict, in order to obtain the expensive narcotic substance, turns himself into a drug dealer or violent, for this reason the best cure is prevention. Particularly important in this sense can be the attention of the school and the family to the problems of the developmental age. Drugs are not a cause, but rather an effect, a refuge, an escape, something that is sought or not found. And the addict, despite being a victim of himself, of others, of a situation, is not a “sick man”. A few days can be enough to detox an addict. After that, if the causes are not eliminated, which are in him, in others, in the environment, in society, the “drug addict” will go back to taking drugs as before. If, in fact, drugs are the escape of the weak from situations of dissatisfaction, emptiness, fear, lack of faith and ideals, of disappointment, it is not enough to eliminate refuge: in fact, speaking is of little use, work and the collaboration of everyone, even and above all of us young people, in order to still be able to hope to achieve, despite everything, a healthy and balanced future society, where the drug spectrum is only a bad dream to forget. I conclude by saying that drugs are a wrong way to interpret and enjoy life, there are so many ways to seek happiness through the trust of loved ones as children, of friends when one becomes a little older and more forward through the love.

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