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Draw: why you should, even if you are not capable

Drawing is the freedom to express oneself, it is the explosion of our emotion. Even without knowing how to draw, it is a right to do it, to relax, communicate, know oneself.

Drawing is the first form of writing invented by man, because the human being, from the beginning, had the need to tell.
Think of the cave paintings in the caves, of the hieroglyphics of Egypt, writing made of symbols. We write without thinking that the letters have any connection with the design, yet, at the age of six, we copied the alphabet as if it were a set of drawings, we trained ourselves not to make flickering lines.

Art is part of us, just think of childhood to remember how we messed around on the sheets (or even on the walls of the house) with freedom. We communicated what we loved and what scared us.

Today, that we have abandoned the language of design (unless we are fortunate enough to be artists), how do we communicate these feelings? A third of the time, we simply silence them.

Artistic mediation means going back to using art as a medium:

  • expressive
  • of relaxation
  • of concentration
  • of awareness
  • emotional
  • communicative
  • inspirational

Drawing not to become artists, not even as a therapy, but as a right.

Draw for yourself

Drawing for oneself means freeing oneself from the need to do a “good job”, from the fear of judgment. On the contrary, it means cutting out time and space all for itself.
Drawing can be a doodle, a succession of lines, the representation of objects, people, fantasies. The password? Freedom.

Draw to relax

There are many exercises that aim to relax. In this case, usually, basic instructions are followed (“complete this drawing”, “follow the lines”), so as to avoid the tension of “what idea do I want to come?” And allow the mind to abate and calm down.

Draw to express yourself or communicate

Drawing with others or knowing that someone will see our work, puts in place different mechanisms: conscious or not, after all, we know that we are communicating. Communication through design and color can be desired, others are instinctive, can be controlled, others unstoppable. The ideal is to remove the brakes and be able to say, at least through the forms, what in words have not been said.

Design to focus and develop awareness

All forms of drawing can tell us things about ourselves that we didn’t even think of, other times they give us confirmation. But there are guided exercises that, while leaving expressive freedom, lead to a work of awareness. They are precious exercises that deserve the time and dedicated spaces. Dedicated to whom? To you.

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