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Does boredom loom? Here’s what to do to fight it

If you have a free afternoon but no desire to stay zapping on the sofa, then here we offer you some nice ideas that will make you love time with yourself!

Although a little boredom has never hurt anyone, perhaps it is appropriate not to risk it. After all, it is from moments of tedium that enchanting creations are sometimes born. Let’s see together some activities to do at home to get rid of boredom in a … creative way. Set your imagination in motion!

The Zen design

Available in most bookstores, these coloring books for adults contain Mandala images and Zen drawings to be filled at will. Free your creativity and have fun coloring and creating ever more beautiful and precise designs.

In addition to being an anti-boredom activity, coloring these books helps concentration, relieves stress and improves mood!

Do Découpage

The evergreen of creative activities has already saved many of our “flop” afternoons, transforming them into many ideas for the home or for friends.

Take scissors, glue, newspaper and anything else you need. Keep in mind that decoupage is a picturesque way to give old objects a second life and therefore … recycle them in a colorful way!

If you are not yet an expert in this art, here we offer you a simple idea to start with: decorate a box by cutting letters and words from old newspapers; create your favorite phrases! Follow some tutorials on Youtube, it will open new doors for you to become an excellent decorator.


At the beginning, it may seem complicated but in reality it will take you very little time to get carried away and create beautiful scarves and hats. There are many techniques for crochet, but we advise you to start with simple objects (cuffs, cell phone cases).

Later on you can also create clothing, caps, scarves and leg warmers. You will see what satisfaction to wear your creations!

Tidy up the mess

Everyone in the house has that “odds and ends drawer” that we open only in case of need but of which we ignore much of the content. It is a hodgepodge of objects that we have accumulated over the years and which we can never get rid of (just think that I can use that cork from 2003!).

An intelligent way to trash and tidy up your drawer is to divide the content according to nature: objects for decoupage, objects to throw away, objects that will come back into fashion …

Seize the detail

If instead for you fighting boredom means just leaving the house, then here we have the indispensable proposal to turn a tedious day. Sometimes a dull day takes the most exciting photos. Boredom often makes us aware of the smallest details and smallest details … exactly what can make a photograph unique. Armed with a camera and aim the lens towards the horizon!

An interesting idea to experiment is that of micro-photography. With some particular objectives it is in fact possible to grasp all the details of a small object. It is the case of insects, which with this technique are immortalized so clearly that they can distinguish every color and every detail.

Read a book

Sitting in a park or at home under a blanket, depending on the season, is a great way to spend quality time. We are convinced that a good reading is always the best way to occupy your solitary moments. A moment of boredom can become the incipit to live the thousand stories of your favorite characters.

In which adventure will you catapult yourself today?

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