Do you hate your birthday? Here are the reasons

On their birthday, more and more people nourish the great desire to evaporate, to teleport away, to flee to remote places. No party, no candle, no smile: only discomfort and desire to cry, very strongly. But how come? What are the reasons that lead some individuals not to accept this day which should be one of joy and great celebration?

The hatred for the birthday is linked above all to some phases of one’s life that are not too happy: recent deaths, drastic and negative changes in one’s private or working life. All these factors can leave people in a stalemate, a stand-by. You feel suspended between the old and the new and therefore you are not willing to face a new year.

There are other people who hate birthdays all the time throughout their life. People who don’t want gifts and various parties. There are two factors that can trigger such behavior: time passes and social conventions. Having an extra year, the unstoppable course of time causes a negative reaction in people, not willing to accept it. And it is precisely the passing of time that amplifies the contradiction between who you really are and who you feel you have to be based on your age.

Finally, for many people, being the center of attention is really humiliating: very often this type of people are habitual and lovers of ‘ordinary’ days. They hate their birthday because they don’t agree to be the protagonists, even if only for one day.

The day of one’s birthday should be dedicated mainly to oneself: one should rediscover one’s dimension, one’s intimacy. Precisely for this reason the advice that can be given is to do what you want to do, what you feel you have to do, rather than what is suggested by social stereotypes.

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