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Do you always feel tired?

Do you often suffer from tiredness and drowsiness? Here are some possible causes and the corresponding remedies!
Feeling always tired, sleepy, fatigued is an indication of an incorrect lifestyle and often of a mental stress that accompanies us daily. How to do? Some simple but very useful tips to find energy!

Why are we always tired?
How many times do we feel tired already in the middle of the day or even just getting out of bed?

Fatigue and exhaustion are felt most in the spring but there are those who suffer from it all year round and carry physical and mental fatigue that interferes with daily activities. Popular belief leads one to think that it is normal to feel tired, especially for all those who have learned to live with it with this condition.

In reality it is not a normal condition to always feel tired, far from it. Sometimes it represents the symptom of a disease or a disturbance, other times it indicates an absence of elements within our organism.

Except for the real reasons why being tired is normal, such as not getting enough sleep at night, there are no reasons why a person should always feel fatigued and with an easy yawn.

The possible causes of fatigue
Lifestyle is the first cause to investigate when suffering from chronic fatigue. By lifestyle we mean nutrition, hours of sleep, physical activity.

The introduction of an excessive load of carbohydrate-based foods weighs down our digestive system, removing energies that could be used differently. If you consume many sweets or refined carbohydrates, the situation worsens. The glycemic peak immediately calls the pancreas to report, to secrete insulin and bring excessive glucose levels out of the blood. Without considering that sugar calls sugar and that the lack of it, after a certain period, brings the body into a state of exhaustion.

Moving little does not help keep adrenaline levels high and therefore keep us more awake and active.

Sleep is also important and sleeping in the wrong hours helps to exacerbate the sense of tiredness. The best time to rest is from 23 to 6 in the morning, especially in the summer.

The consumption of good proteins, contrary to what is thought, is essential to keep metabolic levels high: consuming fish, eggs, vegetable proteins as legumes helps to give us more energy, together with a constant amount of vegetables, at every meal, which helps to provide us with minerals necessary to decrease the sense of chronic fatigue.

Physical or mental fatigue?
For physical fatigue, it is often enough to rest better and eat properly, to immediately regain energy, perhaps with the help of a daily morning dose of powdered magnesium.

It also happens that the energies are lower for mental overload, because our days are too full or because most of the activities carried out in the daily life do not satisfy us and weigh us down. In this case, the best thing would be to commit to change your daily life and in the meantime help yourself with natural remedies such as Rhodiola Rosea, which counteracts the sense of physical and mental fatigue.

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