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Digital or paper book? Let’s find out advantages and disadvantages for readers

Battle in progress: who will win the challenge between digital book and paper book? Will paper really succumb to digital publishing?

For over ten years, the difference between print and e-book has been discussed. In truth they represent two different ways of approaching reading. Some research has shown that screen reading is faster and less linear, while paper allows you to better understand a complex text. Researcher Kate Garland of the University of Leicester has in fact shown that the way we remember information changes depending on how it is read on screen or on paper. So let’s understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital book and which are attributable to the paper book.

Digital book benefits

  • It does not take up space
  • You can conveniently carry it around on your tablet, kindle, etc.
  • There will always be a backup copy
  • It costs less and is easily downloadable after purchase
  • They are social: you can share an excerpt of your favorite book in one click

Disadvantages E-book

  • You need an internet connection (and above all hope that the smartphone does not lose its line in the gallery!)
  • Attention to the battery of your electronic support, it could turn off and leave you on the most beautiful of the plot
  • You will miss the smell of paper, the touch of paper pages, the choice of the cover determined by the emotional sensations aroused by the sight!

Paper book benefits

  • The emotional and sensory factor of a paper book cannot be beaten
  • You can have it signed by the author
  • Less visual fatigue
  • You can choose it with pleasure in the bookstore or buy it online

Paper books disadvantages

  • They weigh and how they weigh when you have to carry them around
  • They cost more than the e-book version
  • They take up space not only in the bag, but also at home; and if you are an avid reader it could be a real problem!
  • If you buy them online, you will have to wait for the delivery and shipping times of the publisher

Although it seems that the collapse of publishing is around the corner, do not hope to get rid of the books. They still have their charm, loved and chosen even by the under 30s. Indeed, if you are single, paper books are a great tool to start conversations on a train, in the park or elsewhere!

Did you want to buy a good book? Well, I can’t blame you, Happy reading!


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