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Hey guys for today’s post, in honor of “Mystery Monday”, I’ll be talking about a really strange and unique story. I know it’s gonna sound really strange but I have a phobia about water and swimming in general so when I saw this article I thought it could have been an opportunity for me to open up more so you get yo know me better! If you have other spooky or scary stories or unsolved mysteries don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section down below!

An American girl died after being attacked by three sharks during a family vacation in the Bahamas. Jordan Lindsey, 21, from Torrance, California, was snorkeling (swimming on the surface) when she was surrounded by marine predators.

She was near Rose Island around 2 pm on June 26th (local time), when her parents started screaming, helplessly, trying to warn her before she was attacked. The Environmental Communications student suffered devastating injuries. Her right arm was literally torn off her and she was bitten on her left arm, on both legs and buttocks.

Her parents said they saw sharks approaching and screaming to warn her. Unfortunately, Jordan didn’t hear them in time. The Royal Bahamas Police Force said that Jordan was later declared dead at Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau. “We can confirm that a US citizen in the Bahamas was killed by injuries after a shark attack on June 26,” a State Department spokesman told ABC. Deputy Commissioner Paul Rolle told the WPLG station that the 21-year-old body will be taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau for an autopsy and then transported to California by the US Embassy.

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