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Deus ex machina

Deus ex machina means the person who suddenly comes out to solve a difficult, intricate situation.

In a figurative sense it indicates who works secretly, who plots and does everything to his advantage.

The Italian high school teacher explained that the term literally means ‘divinity coming down from a car’, the latter understood as a ‘contraption’.

The term dates back to the ancient Greek theater, where, on the stage floor, there were stairs (called Charon’s) and a well, from which, on a movable plate, the characters pretended to be evoked from Hades appeared.

A machine, with a very raised floor, was used for the apparition, at the top, of the gods. These typically appeared at the end of some tragedies to unravel a complicated plot in itself, to accommodate all issues and to bring the drama to a happy ending.

According to some scholars, the excessive use of the intervention of the Deus ex machina was a symptom of the inability of unskilled writers to resolve their overly complex or otherwise pointless plots by other means.

Since the gods were presented on this machine, this special technical process was indicated with the formula DEUS EX MACHINA.

The term appears to have been used in late Latin. In literature we see him in Manzoni, who considers the Deus ex machina of the situation the Divine Providence, which moves all the events of the novel and, according to Manzoni, is “the one who never disturbs the joy of his children, if not to prepare a more certain and bigger “

Other meanings “Deus ex machina”

The name has aroused interest in advertising in the current times:

DEUS EX MACHINA” is an Australian brand specializing in motorcycles, bicycles and surfboards.

DEUS EX MACHINA” is also the name of a creative and video production studio in Turin.

DEUS EX MACHINA” is also the intolerant character in a children’s game, the one who is self-sufficient and doesn’t need anyone.


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