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Detox extract of apples, spinach, and grapefruit

Fibers, iron and vitamin C in an extract to purify the body. To be made spicy with a slice of fresh ginger

An easy recipe with a purifying effect with Mela Val Venosta, spinach, and grapefruit.

Why add a citrus fruit (like grapefruit and a slice of lemon)?
Because only in this way VITAMIN C contained in grapefruit and lemon will help us to assimilate the very precious IRON into the spinach leaves.

Ingredients (for about a liter of extract)

  • 250/200 g of spinach
  • 5/6 Golden Val Venosta apples
  • 1 pink or yellow grapefruit
  • Optional: some fresh ginger and a slice of lemon

Recipe procedure

Wash the ingredients and remove the Golden apples and the grapefruit from the seeds. Pass everything into the extractor; if possible choose organic fruit and vegetables so that you can also use the peel (a very rich part of beneficial substances).

If you like the sweeter extract then add only half a grapefruit and maybe an extra apple. Or you can enjoy this juice with a good spoonful of honey.

Ginger will give a spicy note; just add a couple of centimeters.

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