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Dark: the essential plot of the first two seasons, for a quick review

Season 3 has already come out, but before seeing it, have you rewatched all the others? If you have not succeeded, do not worry. Netflix shared a video hired with the essential storyline of the first two seasons. For a quick and … effective review!

Have you done the rewatch? If the answer is no, don’t panic. Netflix shared a practical summary of the series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Of course, the recap is not detailed, but it is useful to put the most important events in line and watch the new episodes with little clearer ideas. In short, as far as the time jumps and weaves of Dark allow.

Below you will find the essential plot of the first two seasons directly from the video (in German with English subtitles).

Dark: the plot of season 1

Winden, June 21, 2019. Michael Khanwald hangs himself in the attic of the house and leaves a letter with the note “Do not open before November 4 at 10:13 pm”. The message is taken and hidden by the mother, Ines Khanwald.

The death of the man causes a deep trauma to his son, Jonas, who leaves 4 months from the city to face recovery therapy. When he returns in the fall, the young man discovers that a school friend, Erik Obendorf, has disappeared and that the girl he is in love with, Martha Nielsen, is with his best friend, Bartosz Tiedemann.

Jonas tries to return to normal and agrees to accompany Bartosz, Martha and his brother Magnus to the caves of Winden, to recover the drug hidden by Erik. Mikkel, Magnus and Martha’s younger brother, unexpectedly joins them. But something happens and Mikkel disappears.

The boy’s father, police inspector Ulrich Nielsen, suspects that his son’s case is related not only to Erik’s, but also to that of his brother, Mads, who disappeared into thin air in 1986. And he begins an investigation into investigation conducted with colleague and chief of police, Charlotte Doppler.

Meanwhile, many strange events are taking place in Winden. Sudden surges of current, dead birds falling from the sky, mysterious characters that wander at night, the body of a child appearing from a sort of breach of energy, drums of radioactive waste that are moved from the nuclear power plant and a dense, inextricable network of lies and secrets reveal a complex and profound plot, which goes beyond the confines of space and time.

Mikkel was not kidnapped, but ended in 1986 through a mysterious passage hidden in the caves, which opens behind a door that bears the inscription “Sic Mundus Creatus Est”. And Erik (along with other children) was used as a guinea pig for his experiments by a shepherd named Noah, who is trying to build a time machine inside a bunker in the Doppler-owned woods.

Winden is a sort of door between different eras and the wandering between present, past and future of some of its inhabitants has given rise to a series of paradoxes that are repeated endlessly in 3 cycles lasting 33 years, which begin respectively in 1953, 1986 and 2019.

After discovering that the body of the unknown child is that of his brother Mads, Ulrich follows the old Elge Doppler (whom he considers involved in the disappearance of the children) and travels in 1953. While a foreigner delivers a package to Jonas that also contains the letter of the father and who reveals that Michael is none other than Mikkel. Following a series of events, the young man finds the passage in the caves and travels back in time to bring Mikkel / Michael back in 2019. But the foreigner prevents him, because if he did he would not be born.

Ulrich also tries to change the past to change the present and tries to kill little Elge. Believing him dead, the policeman closes the boy in the bunker, but remains stuck in 1953 on charges of being a murderer.

In a new attempt to change things, Jonas returns in 1986 and is captured by Noah and Elge to be used for experiments to activate the time machine. While he is a prisoner, the young man receives a visit from the stranger, who reveals to him that he is him and tells him that he must stay in the bunker to change things and stop the cycle.

Adult Jonas activates the time machine built by the watchmaker H.G. Tannhaus (with plans by another traveler, Claudia Tiedemann, the director of the nuclear power plant), but things are not going as planned. A portal opens in the bunker which allows the young Jonas and the little Elge (who survived the attack by Ulrich) to touch each other. The boy ends in 1986, while Jonas arrives in 2052.

Dark: the plot of season 2

Winden, 2053. In the future, Jonas discovers that Winden was destroyed by an accident at the nuclear power plant that occurred on June 27, 2020 (the apocalypse) and that Martha and all the people she knew died. But in reality, the boy does not know that some were saved in the Doppler bunker. Among them is Elizabeth, Charlotte’s deaf-mute daughter, who in the future has become the leader of a group of survivors who believe in a prophecy of eternal salvation linked to “Sic Mundus Creatus Est”.

The power plant has become a prohibited area, but Jonas transgresses the ban and finds inside a mass of energy and a series of tapes recorded by Claudia Tiedemann (she also survived in the bunker, with her daughter Regina) which explain that it is the ” particle of God “and which allows time travel. The young man risks being almost killed because of his disobedience and is imprisoned. But thanks to the help of another survivor, Silja, she manages to free herself and uses the particle of God to go home and prevent the apocalypse. But things are not going as planned and ends in 1921.

Meanwhile, Claudia Tiedemann (called “the white devil”) is also traveling through time in an attempt to stop a mysterious enemy, Adam. The woman meets herself in 1987 and warns her of the man. Then she embarked on a series of other missions that led her in 1953 to deliver to H.G. Tannhaus the book “Journey through time” (written by the watchmaker, but at the time … not yet written) and to die by the hand of Noah.

While new plots are woven in the past, a task force is being set up in the present to investigate the numerous cases of missing persons. To guide it is Inspector Clausen, an elusive man who did not come to the town by accident, but to seek the truth about his brother. The policeman realizes that Winden is a city full of secrets, but cannot (cannot) see the complete picture. In the dense network of intertwining and consequences, Hannah finds her adult son Jonas and steals the time machine to go in 1954 to Ulrich (who decides to abandon his fate). Charlotte finds out that Noah is her father. And Martha, Magnus, Franziska and Elizabeth discover the existence of time travel.

Instead, the puzzle takes shape before Egon Tiedemann’s eyes. In 1987, the man finally seems to guess the truth about the mysterious nameless stranger he arrested in 1953 (Ulrich) and Mikkel. The old policeman also understands that his daughter Claudia is the “white devil”, but accidentally dies during a hard confrontation with the woman.

Events continue to happen and to be cause and consequence of each other. So while Elge returns home in 1954, Jonas makes Adam’s acquaintance in 1921. And discovers that he is none other than himself. The man talks to the young man about time travel and reveals that he has a particle of God. Just with that he sends the young man into the future, on 20 June 2019, with the (apparent) purpose of making him prevent his father’s suicide. But the meeting between Jonas and Michael has the opposite effect: the man decides to kill himself because only then can the son (continue to) exist. The young man tries to stop him, but the elderly Claudia has been arriving for some time (a reality?) Unspecified and tells Jonas that “everyone must make sacrifices”.

The two meet in 1987, shortly after Egon’s death, and travel together in 2020 to stop the apocalypse. That same apocalypse that Adam wants to happen instead. After Noah tries to shoot him unsuccessfully and is killed by his sister, Agnes, the man in turn reaches 2020.

In a tight sequence of events, Adam kills Martha under Jonas’s eyes, while the particle of God begins to take shape at the nuclear power plant and Charlotte finds herself face to face with the Elizabeth of the future. His daughter. His mother.

A few moments after the apocalypse, another Martha appears before an upset Jonas. Live and different. The young man has asked her since you arrived and the girl replies: “The question is not from which era, but from which world”. The “alternative” Martha opens her hand and reveals a device similar to H.G. Tannhaus, but much smaller and (apparently) sophisticated. Activate it and the two disappear.

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