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Cupid and Psyche, the most beautiful love legend ever

Cupid and Psyche is a timeless tale, a metaphor for the eternal struggle between rationality and instinct, between heart and brain

The one between Cupid and Psyche is one of the most beautiful legends of love ever. To write it was, in the II Century AD, the Latin writer Apuleio in his “Metamorphosis”. The metaphor of the eternal battle between rationality and instinct, between heart and brain, the legend tells the story of the God of Love (Cupid) and the beautiful Psyche.

The legend

“There was a king and queen in a city. These had three beautiful daughters. But the two largest, albeit of the most graceful aspect, were still possible to celebrate them with dignity in human words; while the splendid beauty of the minor could not be described, and there were no words to adequately praise her “. Thus began the legend that tells the story of Cupid and Psyche. Psyche was beautiful, her grace and splendor were such as to attract the envy of Venus (Goddess of beauty) who, to take revenge, decided to ask for help from her son Amore (Cupid). The envious goddess asked her son to hit Psyche with one of his infallible arrows and make her fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. Amore accepted but, once he arrived in front of the girl, he was so enchanted by his beauty as to be distracted to the point that one of his arrows hit him, making him fall head over heels in love with the beautiful girl.

The love story

To live his “mortal” love, God, secretly from his mother, took Psyche to his palace without revealing his identity to her. Every evening, at sunset, Love went to the girl and, without ever showing her face, the two lived intense moments of passion. The young princess had accepted the compromise but, you know, curiosity is a woman and one night, while Amore was sleeping, Psyche approached her face with a lamp and was struck by the beauty of her lover. While admiring the profile of Amore, however, a drop of oil from the lamp accidentally fell on the young man who, waking up, ran away abandoning the girl.

The trials and the happy ending

When Venus learned of the incident, she unleashed her anger on Psyche who, under punishment, was subjected to difficult tests by the Goddess. The princess brilliantly passed the tests, also thanks to the help of various divine beings, and this made even more infuriating than Venus who put her one last test: to descend into the underworld and ask the goddess Proserpina for some of her beauty. As ordered by the Goddess, Psyche went to the underworld but, this time failed. Despite being ordered not to open the ampoule donated to her by Proserpina, the girl, curious, opened the ampoule from which a cloud came out which made Psyche fall into a very deep sleep. Meanwhile, Love, taken from nostalgia, went in search of his beloved and, when he found her, awakened her. In order not to risk losing her again, Love led Psyche to Olympus where, thanks to the support and help of Jupiter, the young princess, after drinking ambrosia, became a goddess. The legend ends with the marriage of the two lovers and the birth of a beautiful baby girl who took the name of Voluttà.

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