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Change perspective

Faced with a failure or a difficult period, changing your point of view and living these moments as if they were opportunities for growth, events from which to draw lessons, can really change the sense of things.

Sometimes we just look in the wrong place.

We don’t know where else to look and we tend to experience a negative moment, immersed and overwhelmed by negativity. This does not mean denying that we are going through a difficult period and pretending that everything is fine, but only deciding to see this period as something that is still bringing us a lesson.
Speaking of pretending that everything is okay, I have specific ideas about it, and I think that when you go through a difficult period you have to go through it, literally, and get through all the negative emotions that it brings with it. Unfortunately, we are used to hearing phrases such as: “get distracted”, “don’t think about it” and instead there is nothing more wrong. We must allow ourselves to feel sad, to cry, to feel anguish, despair, we must go through, live and feel every emotion that arises, without denying it. This is a fundamental principle for correctly processing the events that happen.

In the meantime, we can slowly shift our point of view towards a positive vision of the event and understand that we can learn something from what we are experiencing, we can make it become an opportunity for personal growth and improvement. And this, over time, after several negative moments that life will not spare us, if lived with attention to what can be positive in them, will make us feel stronger and better equipped to overcome difficult times.

Inner strength is built, with intelligence.

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