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Carbonated drinks are different in the world

88% of sugary drinks, soft drinks such as Coca-Cola or Fanta, contain in a single can more than the recommended daily dose of sugar which is 25 grams. This was revealed by a study by the English association Action on Salt and on Sugar which analyzed the nutritional labels of 274 cans of soft drinks around the world. In addition to being overly sweetened, and therefore indicated among the main causes of youth obesity, soft drinks have a sugar content that varies depending on the country. So in a can of Schweppes sold in the United States there are as many as 45 grams of sugar while in the same can from us in Italy the content is lowered to 29 while in Argentina there are only 16. In “Italian” Coca-Cola we find 35 grams of sugar while it is Canada to boast the record of “sweetness” with 39 grams. The primacy of the sweetest drink in the world however goes to Sprite marketed in Thailand with 47 grams of active sugar, while in Austria only 19. In Italy the record is held by Fanta Orange with 39 grams, while the same can in England contains 23.

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