Black Mirror season 6. Plot, release, and streaming on Netflix

Black Mirror 6 season will be there? For the moment there are no confirmations, but here’s what we know so far of the much loved dystopian Netflix series. The show’s stalemate, as the screenwriter said he didn’t want to work on the story of a company drifting during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Black Mirror 6 season do you? Was the anthology TV series renewed or canceled by Netflix?

After the debut on Netflix of the three episodes that make up the fifth season of the anthological TV series Black Mirror, many have started to wonder if Black Mirror 6 season is done. So the series has been renewed or canceled by Netflix? At the moment there is no information about it, but based on the past seasons, from the airing of the fourth to the renewal of the fifth three months have passed. In fact, in December 2017 the episodes of season 4 were released, while in March 2018 Netflix announced the return of the series.

In May 2020, during an interview with Radio Times, Black Mirror screenwriter Charlie Brooker revealed that season 6 may not be there, or that fans will still have to wait some time for any new episodes.

“At the moment I have been very busy. I don’t know what I can and can’t say. At the moment I don’t have the stomach to tell about a company that is drifting, so I’m not working on it. I’m trying to carry on my comic skills, writing something that makes me laugh. “

What is Black Mirror 6 season about? Plot and previews

Since we still don’t know if the interactive series will be renewed, it is still too early to imagine what Black Mirror 6 season is about. In fact, despite having been renewed in March 2018, the first advances on the plot of the fifth season were released just under a month before the release on Netflix, with the first teaser trailer.

Surely the new episodes of Black Mirror will still take place in a future universe where technology has taken over human life. We just have to find out how the authors of the series will want to tell the public new plots of this reality, which seems so frighteningly close to ours.

Are there other intermediate episodes like the interactive film Bandersnatch? Right now there is no information about it, but given the success of this experiment Netflix is ​​likely to propose something similar, to break the wait for the 6 season of Black Mirror.

Cast, actors and characters

Just like with regards to the plot of the 6 season episodes, it is impossible to determine which actors will be part of the cast of Black Mirror 6. In fact, the first rumors about Miley Cyrus’ involvement in the fifth season only came in December 2018, to then be confirmed with the release of the first teaser in May 2019. The release of the fifth season was then set for June 5, 2019, and fans discovered the names of the cast and their respective characters just a few days before the release of the new episodes on Netflix.

If some information on the cast should instead leak before the future release of the sixth season, we will be the first to inform you and update you on developments.

When does Black Mirror 6 season come out? Release date

Even any information regarding when Black Mirror 6 season comes out is currently unknown, as we don’t know yet if the series will return. However, we can make some conjectures based on the release date of the last seasons, released as Netflix originals. The third season debuted on October 21, 2016, while the fourth season on December 29, 2017. Bandersnatch was released on December 28, 2018, as an interactive film, and was very successful. Although nothing is known yet, Netflix could think of starting a similar project to break the wait between the fifth and sixth seasons.

June 5, 2019 marks the debut date of the fifth season. In fact, the release of the series was married from the autumn and winter months to the almost summer months. It is therefore not possible to establish a pattern connected to the release months, but rather it is possible to hypothesize a possible year in which we will have the 6 season of Black Mirror. The new episodes will probably come out in the course of 2021, or at best in the autumn months of 2020. As already explained it is impossible to determine a certain release date at the moment, but as soon as we know something about it, we will update you.

Streaming Black Mirror episodes on Netflix

The first four seasons of the series are visible on the Netflix streaming site. In fact, the platform purchased the product making it become an original series already with season 3. It is not clear if Black Mirror 6 season will retain the new 3-episode format lasting an hour each. It could also split, like the third and fourth seasons, into six episodes.

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