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Being highly sensitive is a gift

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You certainly know that being highly sensitive (HSP) has its pros and cons. The time has come to change the eternal negative view of sensitivity when it comes to managing and living experiences.

It is also a time to understand that being sensitive simply means that you are actively and productively connected with yourself.

If you continue to think that being sensitive to even the smallest things is not good, then we invite you to reflect on the 7 reasons why being highly sensitive is a gift.

Truth exists for the wise; beauty, for the sensitive heart.
Friedrich Schiller

Because it makes us more honest

Being highly sensitive pushes us to be consistent with what we feel inside, otherwise, we would freeze emotionally. This means that we share what we feel more easily, demonstrating with every part of the body the emotion that is going through us, however positive it may be or not.

We allow ourselves to be authentic and to be who we really are, without reservations or blocks. Many people may think that this way of living life is a little jarring, but in reality what matters is what the heart feels. And it is precisely this that others will never be able to silence and that will give us the strength to live as we want.

Intensity reigns over emotions

When we are sensitive to the emotions of others, intensity becomes the best friend of all emotions: love, pain, disappointment and happiness.

Society believes that intensity is something negative, because, if we are unable to manage it, it takes us out of control and doing whatever we want or need.

Why not ask yourself: What’s wrong with leaving nothing unfinished in life? Dear readers, learn to manage the intensity of your every emotion, every word, every moment of your life and then your life will be incredibly wonderful.

We connect with life

One of the reasons being a highly sensitive person, or HSP, is a gift is that it allows you to connect with life. The days all have enormous significance. Everything makes sense because everything has a why. Being sensitive allows us to see the magic of what surrounds us and to understand why we are who we are. The why, the purpose of our person and those we love.

Actions stop becoming commonplace, stereotyped. Accept that life is a continuous flow, that things change, be grateful for what you feel and enjoy every moment. And most of all, let yourself go, be free. Free to be aware that everything, absolutely everything, has a purpose.

Our heart shines for us and for those we love

Being sensitive makes us perceive any emotion in an exceptional way. For this reason, empathy develops to unexpected levels, making us more compassionate, always if we decide to use this gift in positive terms.

We can make any other situation our own, because life has given us the mission to listen and to help unconditionally. We must learn that we can say “no”, but it will always be nice to offer help to those who deserve our unconditional love and our good heart.

Intuition is like a star fallen from the sky

If we have a high degree of sensitivity, we can afford to feel and feel more than normal. When we let ourselves go, intuition awakens in a supernatural way and becomes a powerful resource to feel satisfied and happy.

We are able to intuit situations and feelings, ours, but also of others. In this way, we learn to manage our ego, our essence and, more importantly, love for ourselves and the life of those we love. We can really help others, perhaps unknowingly, and this will only fill our hearts and make us better people.

We know how to relate to others

It often happens between couples. A highly sensitive person perceives small clues in the partner, as if it were a treasure map. These clues lead to the true potential of this person, to his needs, to unspeakable secrets …

Are you very perceptive? This allows you to get to know yourself better and get closer to what others want in a much more intense way than normal. All this will also allow you to create unconscious but intense bonds with the people you love and who are close to you.

Being highly sensitive is our very essence

There are many people who may not understand us, maybe even discourage us with the intention of underestimating the fact that being sensitive is a positive thing.

Remember, dear readers, that when something scares us, we tend to underestimate and reject it, without stopping to think about whether or not it can help the person in question.

Probably, as a highly sensitive person, you have often felt misunderstood, as if something is wrong with your life. We hope these 7 reasons will help you understand the vital gift and immense potential that comes from being highly sensitive people, a condition that you have every right to enjoy as the human beings you are.

Sensitivity is precisely the egoism of the ego. It is about the sentient and not the felt. Man as the measure of everything – that is, not measured by anything – who compares everything, but is incomparable, affirms himself in the sense of sensation.
Emmanuel Lévinas

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