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Beauty standards imposed by increasingly unattainable models for women

The ideal of beauty conveyed by the media, specifically those that make use of the models, is increasingly unattainable and increasingly distant from the characteristics of the average American woman.
This is the interesting result of a new study produced by researchers from the University of Boston School of Medicine (BUSM).

To quantify the trends of the attributes of the ideal female physical body, the researchers correlated various models of the well-known Victoria’s Secret fashion company from 1995 to 2018. The Victoria’s Secret fashion shows are among the most followed in the world.
The data clearly show that, over the years, the models used had an increasingly thin body with increasingly smaller busts, waist, hips and size of the clothes while the waist-hip ratio (WHR) remained constant.

This means that the waist-hip ratio continues to be an ideal beauty feature and remains constant over time and in a transversal manner.
On the contrary, the waist circumference and the average size of the average American woman has increased and currently varies between sizes 16 and 18, as Neelam Vashi, corresponding author of the research, explains.

In addition, according to the same press release, the percentage of women seeking cosmetic surgery has also increased, probably due to the desire to obtain an ideal waist-to-hip ratio, essentially a narrower waist and fuller hips.
In addition, the lifting operations of the buttocks and in general of the lower body have increased by 4295% and 256% respectively since 2000.

“Our results represent a potentially changing ideal of beauty that is moving further away from the characteristics of the average American woman; however, a constant idealized WHR remains intact, ”Vashi reports in the press release accompanying the study published in the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery.

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