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Atlantis, the lost city: that’s where it is

Many hypotheses formulated in the course of history on Atlantis, today with satellites it is possible to reach revolutionary discovery

Would you like to plan a vacation to Atlantis? Who knows if you haven’t already been. Satellites have found mysterious remains in Andalusia. The team of specialists and archaeologists of Merlin Burrows, a private English company specialized in satellite research, who claims to have found clear evidence of the existence of the golden island, whose legend has come down to us, is sure of this.

It is not the first time hypotheses have been made about Atlantis. Let’s go and see where this lost island is for experts.

The legend of Atlantis

Atlantis is a legendary sub-continental island disappeared into thin air, often idealized as an advanced society where wisdom reigned and which could bring peace to the whole world. The idea of ​​Atlantis has fascinated dreamers and travelers from all eras and continues to do so today.

The origin of the legend

Unlike many other legends, whose origins have been lost over time between myth and reality, we know exactly where and when the story of Atlantis first appeared: the legend originated in Plato’s dialogues, in the Timaeus and in Critias, written in 330 BC about.

According to Plato, Atlantis was beyond the Pillars of Hercules, the extreme limit of the world then known. Legend has it that, after failing to invade Athens, Atlantis would have sunk in a single day by Poseidon, the god of the abyss. Myth or legend? The idea that this ancient and majestic island was a truly existed place came back into vogue in 1881 by a writer, Ignatius Donnelly, who even claimed that many of the human achievements (such as metallurgy, agriculture, religion and language) originated in Atlantis.

Where is the city of Atlantis

Over the years, several hypotheses have been formulated regarding the real location of the legendary city of Atlantis. From the Bahamas to Andalusia, here are the options.

Cadiz in Andalusia

Today, Merlin Burrows, an English company that deals with satellite scans of land and sea also on behalf of government agencies, has traveled off the coast of Andalusia with a team of marine archaeologists, historians and researchers. A team of professionals who have been there since 2016 to try to understand, thanks to the use of modern technologies, how much truth there is in the Platonic story. The use of new technologies and satellite filming are fundamental.

Atlantis could actually be found at the ruins north of the city of Cadiz. Here is the Doñana National Park which was once a large inland sea with islands. According to the researchers, traces of at least 15 centers inhabited by an ancient civilization, all arranged along a coast, would have been preserved here. Until recently, most of these villages were believed to be Roman or Greek. But it could be an even older civilization.

To believe in the discoveries made by Merlin Burrows is Ingenio Films, who decided to create a documentary to tell the world about the great discoveries made off the coast of Andalusia. What is the turning point?

The island of Bimini in the Bahamas

A few years ago, the discovery in the Bahamas archipelago, off the island of Bimini, of what was supposed to be the remains of Atlantis. Just on the seabed of the Caribbean Sea, white stones were found, which seemed like a real road.

The Bimini Road runs from North-East to South-West along a straight line for 800 meters, curving only at the end. It is made of rectangular limestone stones so perfect that they seem to have been created by man’s hand. Their shape, although eroded by time, finds nothing in nature that resembles it. Someone assumed it was a pier for boats and not a road, however it was certainly the last portion of something much bigger.

The enigma of Atlantis continues to fascinate generation after generation, today, the latest hypothesis leads us to Andalusia. Are the remains of the ancient lost civilization really there?

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