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Artistic techniques

The ink drawing technique exploits the graphic and pictorial effects obtained by the instrument: pen, brush, or sprayer, which highlight the outlines of the figures and their chiaroscuro.
Ink is a liquid that can be used pure or diluted with water such as watercolor, from which it differs for its greater power and for its insolubility once dry.

The tempera

Tempera is a non-transparent painting technique like watercolor, but opaque, with which multiple colors can be superimposed without the underlying one showing through.

It is water soluble and dries quickly. All colors, available in tubes, can be mixed with each other and when they dry they are lighter. It is applied on any paper support. It is mainly used in decoration and scenography. The tempera technique is quite simple because the colors can be overlapped several times without problems, allowing corrections and rethinking.

The oil colors

The oil color technique is an evolution of tempera colors which allows to obtain different expressive results. Oil colors are pigment powders mixed with vegetable oil (flax, poppy, walnut). They can be applied with a brush, spatula, directly from the tube.
They allow to obtain effects ranging from delicate and transparent glazing to the dense body of the material. This technique is one of the most complex due to its long color drying times and the use of thinners.

Acrylic colors

The acrylic color, a modern version of tempera, is made up of a pigment bound with synthetic resin, which can be diluted in water when fresh, dries quickly and does not crack unlike tempera. Acrylic is particularly suitable for any type of surface and can be applied with a brush, a spatula and, diluted, with an airbrush. It is as simple to use, mix and apply as gouache.

Spray painting

Spray painting is a technique that allows you to obtain suggestive shades and gradations, by spraying the diluted color on a support made of paper or other material. The difficulty of execution depends on the need to control the emission of breath to obtain a constant and regular flow of air.

The mosaic

Mosaic is a decorative technique that consists in combining small elements of various materials, called tesserae, on a surface to compose designs with subjects of various kinds. The degree of difficulty varies considerably depending on the materials used: it is easy to work with charcoal, while it is difficult to use glass or ceramic tiles.

The burin

In this technique, the design is engraved directly on the metal matrix (form) (copper, steel, zinc) with the burin, a fine steel chisel, with a large rounded wooden handle and a very sharp point. With this tool, pressure is exerted on the plate to trace the marks, and a thin metal chip is removed, leaving clear grooves, more or less thin depending on the depth. At the time of printing the trace is filled with ink. This technique allows you to make very thin signs and hatches to obtain any chiaroscuro variation.


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