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Art Nouveau ed Horte

In France and Belgium the term with which the modernist movement is indicated is that of Art Nouveau, to indicate precisely a new art, rich in curved and supple lines, as well as the constant reference to both floral and faunistic elements, not only in the arts. major but also in minor ones, such as the construction of furniture but also of jewels that always draw inspiration in their forms from natural elements.

In Belgium, the greatest exponent of Art Nouveau is Horte, who especially in his architectural works takes care of details such as railings, pillars, floors, made with exceptional attention to detail, but also in the windows, made with glass colored and iron, elements that until the Paris Expo of 1889 had not been taken into much consideration. Even in Paris, modernism will take the name of Art Nouveau, and it will be able to fully exploit not only the potential of iron, a very malleable element that lent itself to being modeled in natural forms: this is clearly visible for example when stations of the Parisian subway with glass and iron as the same lampposts have the support pole similar to the stem of a flower and the lamppost that resembles the flower itself.


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