Argumentative essay on optimism

The illusion of positive thinking; the revenge of the pessimists has arrived. Optimism weakens the critical ability because fears are repressed, the flight from reality transforms us into unconscious. But a doubt remains: would scientific advances and silicon valley exist in a world that was totally negative? Express your thoughts and give your paper a title.

The society and reality we live in is aggressive, you need to be increasingly competitive and specialize in increasingly particular activities if you want to have even a little hope for a future job. This could lead us to be very pessimistic about the future of the younger generations who still do not have many opportunities to think about their future in a positive way: with the serious economic crisis we are experiencing there is a constant increase in prices and necessary goods. to lead a healthy life.

However, scientific and technological advances can help civil society by enabling solutions to economic, environmental and quality of life problems. It is therefore necessary to have a good dose of optimism to make new discoveries and advance towards new goals and higher knowledge, Silicon Valley would not exist without highly talented young people full of ideas. However, even a dose of pessimism is indispensable and necessary and can be used when, not satisfied with the results obtained, we want to perfect our ideas and our projects.

Therefore in life it is necessary to have both a good dose of optimism that allows us to move forward and look to the future with hope, but also a bit of pessimism that makes us see our mistakes and our criticalities, thus contributing to our improvement by processing the our faults and our fears.

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