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Are you fattened up during the holidays? It ‘does not matter

Help for lazy people with a few extra pounds who would like to go on a diet but don’t feel like it

Someone says that in the summer it loses weight. “It’s too hot to eat, I have less appetite, there is more movement.” But the truth is another: during the summer holidays you hang around, it’s too hot to move (not to eat), or you travel to distant destinations, to the south, perhaps abroad. Tasting local delicacies is mandatory. Fried on fried, ice cream, for lunch and dinner outside.

If the summer went exactly the same for you, you probably put a few extra kilos. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but above all do not panic. In September it is already difficult enough to say goodbye to the sea and to start over, going on a diet would be too great a punishment.

Then, once this is accepted and the guilt is abandoned, we can do good by avoiding big sacrifices or strict diets. Here are some ideas that I put on my list of good resolutions for September, for the health of body and mind. 7 habits to return slowly on the right path, without making too much effort.

  1. Move as much as you can
    Since going to the gym bores you terribly, walk. He walks a lot. When you’re in the office, get up from time to time and take two steps. Go dancing (burns lots of calories).
  2. Go up the stairs
    When you get to the office and the temptation to press the elevator button is stronger than anything else, you have to be stronger. Take the stairs. And when the day is over, walk home. And take the stairs.
  3. Don’t go out for lunch
    The lunch break must also be a moment of leisure and cannot possibly be sad. That’s why for almost the whole year you go out for lunch, go and eat “something good”. At least in September don’t let yourself be tempted: prepare a healthy meal, but make it appetizing in your own way so as not to get depressed.
  4. Relax
    Technically we are still in the summer. If the weather is good, go eat your lunch bag outdoors. Maybe in a park, in the midst of nature, which is good for you. Don’t gorge yourself in 10 minutes, take your time.
  5. Exit
    Sometimes those on a diet also avoid going out with friends for a drink. That’s no good! Go out and have fun: if the buffet tempts you, don’t worry, eat everything you want, but don’t do an encore. Then walk home. And take the stairs. And tomorrow, prepare a little more healthy meal.
  6. Small dietary changes
    No desire to follow a pre-established strict diet? Try to change the way you deal with meals, seriously following the good eating habits you’ve heard and felt billions of times. If they were not enough: no to snacks and unnecessary calories, make snacks with fruit and a small piece of dark chocolate; prefer whole grains to refined ones, eat more fiber and vegetables; reduce the use of seasonings, salt, and sugar; drink lots of water.
  7. Taste
    Carbonara, cutlet, bread, and ham. Yummy, but don’t stop there. Go beyond the usual recipes you already know, discover new ingredients, try new combinations and experiment in your kitchen. Every day something different.

This is not a diet to lose weight fast, but a guideline to get more awareness, to be more balanced and get better. I’m trying and I have already tried a couple of times, but it doesn’t matter.

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