Are scented candles toxic?

Are you a romantic who loves candles? Well, there is one thing you won’t like that you need to know. Candles, especially scented ones that make a lot of atmosphere, can be harmful to health. Really? Already. Doctors are alarmed by all types of candles, from those consisting of paraffin and beeswax to normal lemongrass. But what would be the harmful substances contained in candles? There are many potentially harmful substances: Zinc, Lead, Tin, Carbon, Acrolenia, Acetone, Camphor, Ethanol, Benzaldehyde, Limonene, Linalool, Methylene Chloride. That’s not all: a German study from some time ago found a 30% increase in fine dust levels in those homes where scented and non-scented candles were present.
In short, never a joy. According to studies, in fact, candles pollute the air in homes. But that’s not all: another research has highlighted how paraffin candles release toxic and harmful chemicals for the environment and human health.

Those who are most at risk are people who have a weaker immune system: children, the elderly, mainly. But, in practice, what can happen? Allergies, asthma, headache, fatigue, dizziness may occur. But the reactions can also be more serious: irritations to the mouth, eyes, skin; lung, kidney damage and respiratory failure. That’s why experts say you should avoid keeping candles burning.

According to experts, if we really can’t give up the smells, we should opt for the essential oils that do what candles do without being harmful to health. Returning to candles and harmful effects, according to the Telegraph, candles are made of paraffin which, by burning, can produce “benzene and other carcinogenic chemicals”. Not only that: breathing that air has the same effect as passive smoking. And also the same consequences …

Not all candles, however, are harmful: those that are made with completely natural waxes are not toxic. They are made without paraffin and can be turned on at home without fear of terrible consequences. Anyway, before you turn them on (and even before, when you buy them) check well that it is really natural stuff. It affects your health.

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