Long ago, there was a fox demon with nine tails. When they swung, they could destroy a mountain or raise a “Tsunami”.
In order to counter it, people called ninjas.
An ahinoi seal the monster in an urgent battle, only to perish himself.
This ninja was known as Quarto hokage.
Sarutobi, third konoha hokage, secret leaf village.
We are in konoha forty years after the fourth konoha hokage seal in the body of Naruto Uzumaki the demon of the nine-tailed fox, kyuubi no yoko.
In the early years of his life, naruto managed to become genin and begin his ascent to fulfill his dream of becoming a konoha hokage, but I kept telling him what happened next.
It all started from the selection tournament to become a chunin in which Team kakashi hatake, the group of Naruto, Sakura haruno and Sasuke uchiha, was part for the first time.
The exam had a beginning but not an end thanks to the trap studied by Orochimaru, one of the three legendary ninjia.
Orochimaru wanted the destruction of konoha, and at the end of the third round of the killer tournament the third Sarutobi hokage.
But the mission did not end equally as the sennin hoped, given that the konoha ninjias managed to contrast the ninjia of Orochimaru’s sound and those of their allies of sand.
More or less from this happened the real problems began for all the hidden ninjia villages for the various countries.
Gia was beginning to feel the tension that eased between the various villages and it is understood that Orochimaru was creating a well-defined and very perky plan.
Konoha thus passed to a bad period since the death of the third hokage caused a very problematic loss.
He needed to find another hokage immediately.
The request was immediately proposed to Jiraya, the hermit of the toads, also sennin like Orochimaru.
However, Jiraya does not accept the offer, but he starts looking for Tsunade, the third sennin, the snail breeder and demonic as the legendary loser for his incredible bad luck in the game.
In addition to the problem of Orochimaru, another question intruded.
The Akatsuki known as the Alba organization that sought out the nine demons with tails.
Tanuki, cat, turtle, badger, snake and fox.
On the way to find Tsunade, the case brought together a couple from the organization.
Kisame and Itachi uchiha, the brother of Sasuke, the one that Naruto’s companion longed to kill to take revenge on what he had done to his clan.
Obviously the two were looking for naruto for what he carried inside.
Kyuubi no yoko, the nine-tailed fox.

Jiraya’s intervention prevented naruto from being captured and after that appearance, they did not show up for a long time.
Tsunade was found by Jiraya and only thanks to nasuto she accepted to become the fifth hokage. Upon returning to konoha, Sasuke began to burn with envy for the strength Naruto was developing.
They collided so Kakashi stepped in before anyone could get hurt.
It was after this that four members of the sound visited sasuke who invited sasuke to follow them.
They proposed that if he would come with them to the village of sound his power would become unlimited and that it would be given to him by the brand procured by Orochimaru himself.
Sasuke escaped with the four and Tsunade sent behind them: Nasuto, Kiba Inuzuka, Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara and Neji Yuga.
Each of them undertook a battle with a sound ninjia while Naruto chased Sasuke to the border.
The allies of the sand village also came to help the ninjia of konoha. Gaara, Temari and Kankuro, who after what had happened in konoha had become very close friends of the leaf.
Thanks to this they managed to defeat the sound ninjia but not Sasuke.
Naruto and his partner engaged in a fight.
Kyuubi gifted part of his chakra to Naruto to save him and Sasuke’s mark expanded throughout the body physically changing it.
However, Naruto was unable to defeat Sasuke and he reached Orochiomaru.
Sasuke knew well that the sennin who had branded him actually wanted to take possession of his body and the sharingan, but in order to take revenge on his brother, I accept Orochimaru’s proposal in order to receive the power necessary to defeat Itachi.
Thus three more years passed.
Naruto spent the entire period with Jiraya, until he acquired enormous power thanks to the fox chakra.
He will only be able to use up to four of the kyuubi tails.
Sakura study under Tsunade’s care.
He learned the arts of ninjia medical techniques and also the particular physical strength that distinguished sennin.
Sasuke became Orochimaru’s favorite student.
It was after this ace of time that Alba returned to show up.
They captured Gaara, medium of Tanuki Shukaku and Kazekage from the sand village.
Only thanks to the interventions of Naruto Gaara was saved but unfortunately lost the shikaku, while maintaining the powers he previously had with the demon.
Gaara remained alive thanks to an elderly lady from the village, who sacrificed her life in exchange for that of the Kazekage.
For this the sand to a big debt with the leaf that will never forget. After the accident in the sand, Team Kakashi joins Sai, a new ninjia who is part of the group with Sakura and Naruto.
A few years later the fourth ninjia war broke out which lasted for more than 27 years.
It was unleashed by Orochimaru who tried to take advantage of Tsunade’s physical situation which was beginning to be physically affected by the use of the technique he had used years ago, that is, of regeneration.
The development of the war was very rapid. Oto, Iwa, Kumo, Ame and Kusa teamed up against konoha, the sand, Kiri and Taki.
Although more than three years had passed, Orochimaru had not yet taken possession of Sasuke’s body.
Nobody, if not perhaps Orochimaru himself or Sasuke knows the reason why the sennin did not take advantage of Uchiha.

It remained and will remain a mystery.
The war took place both in the open field and at the level of negotiations, plots and some double games.
There were many victims from both sides.
Shino Aburame, Baki, Konohamaru, Chiji Akimichi, Tenten, Kurenai, Ibiki Morino, and many others perished to protect their village.
Tsunade also died in a direct confrontation with Orochimaru.
In fact, the three sennin, the legendary ninjia, had an incredible fight, Orochimaru was finally defeated.
Tsunade together with Jiraya use his most powerful techniques, but these, despite the victory against Orochimaru, marked his fin and between the tears of Sakura, Naruto and even Jiraya, and obviously from the rest of the inhabitants of konoha and all their allies .
This fact brought about a sort of stage of absolute quiet.
Orochimaru’s death had blocked all the ninjia who had allied themselves against konoha, despite the contrast between the two factions.
It was in this period that the Alba attack organization. Alba, taking advantage of the loss of Tsunade by konoha and the psychological blockage of the village of sound, intervened to try to capture the last demon he lacked.
Kyubi no Yoko, the nine-tailed fox that was sealed in Naruto.
But nothing went according to their plans. It seemed that Naruto was now the end.
He had come to use 8 of the nine tails against 5 members of Alba and could barely fight them while the other 5 members were busy with ninjia from other villages.
Then Kyubi broke the seal.
The fox was released in a whirlwind of tails. In a moment I began to tremble and split as the demon perocularly expanded his power with an indecipherable power.
The 5 members of Alba will be swept away like rubbish.
Among them was Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke’s brother.
And this was exactly what the present saw when the seal was broken and Kyubi was able to act freely.
His brother had been defeated, but he hadn’t had his revenge.
Naruto had prevented him from doing so, it was his fault, he had to pay the revenge he would have fallen on him, which had prevented him from doing what he had been planning for years.
He tried to take advantage of the situation to kill Naruto, but Kyubi stepped in between Sasuke and the one he had been sealed in.
As far as we know, Sasuke also died against kyubi.
With the death of the 5 members of Alba the others did not have an easy life.
Two of them were horribly mutilated, one of them escaped while the other two perished.
All ten rings of Alba were destroyed, and this allowed the demons to be able to free themselves and return to their village.
In fact, the Alba organization had 10 rings with a particular power.
In taking a demon and sealing it in a sort of demonic statue of fairies they acquired the power of demons without suffering the consequences.
In fact, Orochimaru had the power of the Yamata no Orochi, the eight-tailed dserpèente that he kept even after he was born since dawn because he kept the organization’s ring tight.
Deidara had the power of the 6-tailed badger without, however, possessing the demon inside of herself that instead had been sealed inside the statue.
With this concept, the 10 component, would have absorbed the power of the truth, the one that assimilated the demons that Alba was bringing him one by one.
The breaking of the rings marks their release except for the tenth.
Many returned to their villages as relics, others as demons hidden in certain places where no one could find them.
After this konoha and its allies managed to stifle the last outbreaks and a peace treaty was concluded between all 9 villages.
Naruto returned to konoha with the last remaining crowned his dream and became Hokage, eventually marrying Hinata.
It was not the only marriage that took place, Ino Yamanaka got married with Sai, the third member of Team Kakashi.
Shikamaru Nara and Temari joined in marriage a year before the war ended and therefore the stipulation between the various countries lasted.

Kakashi and Gay do not know what happened to them.
From that day ten years have passed now the story will continue in another direction … your sakura … end

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