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All the reasons for choosing a cold shower in the morning

The idea may not be tempting, especially in winter, but today we reveal why taking a cold shower a day can be an excellent ritual for health and mood and we explain to you what are the many benefits that you may not yet know.

The reasons that between cold and hot shower should make you prefer the first option are so many; a nice cold shower in the morning stimulates blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and more. Here are the main benefits of the cold shower in detail.

Benefits of the cold shower

The cold shower improves the immune system. The ice water slows down the peripheral circulation making all the blood flow to the vital organs; in this way, when the circulation resumes normally, the blood is richer in oxygen and the tissues are therefore repaired more quickly, the brain functions and breathing are improved. Several studies have shown that people taking showers with cold water get sick less.

A cold shower a day has positive effects on weight loss. But how does it work? Let’s open a small parenthesis: the adipose tissue can be of two types:

  • white adipose tissue made up of larger fat cells that tend to accumulate and grow. The greater the overweight, the greater the presence of this type of fabric;
  • brown adipose tissue, made up of smaller cells that perform important bodily functions and are metabolically more active. Brown adipose tissue is already present at birth and in adults it is only found in certain parts of the body.

It has been shown that daily exposure to cold water, especially if done on waking, gradually and partially succeeds in transforming white adipose tissue into brown; that being much more reactive to dietary stresses, in the context of a low-calorie diet, it can promote weight loss.

Another benefit of the cold shower is the health and shine of the hair. In fact, cold water rapidly flows blood to the follicles, stimulates growth and helps seal the hair’s cuticles, repairing them in a natural way. Less split ends and brighter hair.

Even the skin benefits enormously from a nice cold shower. In fact, while hot water aggressively eliminates the hydrolipidic film (the oily layer that serves to keep it elastic and hydrated) and therefore causes dryness of the skin and a worsening of inflammatory states such as acne, cold water on the contrary acts in a more delicate way, stimulating the blood vessels, shrinking the pores, preventing dirt from penetrating and giving the skin a healthier and smoother appearance.

Finally, a cold shower is a great way to start or finish the day, in fact, by promoting the release of endorphins, it helps reduce stress, improve mood and make the mind more concentrated and serene.

Cold shower contraindications

For healthy people who do not suffer from particular pathologies the cold shower has no contraindications, if not the momentary discomfort it can cause, but to which one gets used with time. That said, it’s still best to avoid too cold water in case of heart problems and back pain, which could worsen with water temperatures too low.

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