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Advantages and disadvantages of the internet: a positive or negative balance?

There are people who see the network are the negative sides, and those who, on the contrary, integrate, considering the major advantages of the disadvantages.

As often happens, the truth lies in the middle. The network has positive and negative aspects. The question of which prevail is controversial and probably the conclusion is that it depends a little on each of us, on our character, on our lifestyle and on our aspirations. But let’s see better what are the main advantages and disadvantages of the network in our daily life.

Disadvantages of the internet

Let’s start with the downsides. The Internet has definitely impacted our lives, in ways that in some cases have proved deleterious over time. An example is that of the lack of privacy. The Internet ensures that everything we do within it is monitored and known to subjects of whom we often do not have total awareness. Our browsers on browsers, for example, are recorded by the companies that produce them and then resell our data for advertising purposes, to target us with targeted promotional messages. Through social media, then, our most personal life is stored on platforms that, even here, use it for commercial purposes and keep traces of it for very long times.

While once, for example, what we did in our private life was our business and, with a little attention, it would not have been known to our employers, today they can know everything about us through our Facebook or Instagram profile. . And that time we got drunk at the university it can go back to having an impact on our career potential.

It is no secret that social networks, as well as messaging apps, have changed our relationships with friends, acquaintances and even partners. This is particularly evident among teenagers who grew up with a smartphone in their hands, so, some scholars argue, facing the problems of face-to-face relationships has become much more difficult than in the past.

Another disadvantage of the network is certainly the fact that it makes us very manageable. With our smartphone or pc in front of our eyes, we are very alone and vulnerable to a flood of information, often false or distorted. Who is better at managing this new power given by the network can manage to be elected head of a country, even if he has no other capacity.

But there are also advantages

This all sounds pretty apocalyptic, doesn’t it? The network, however, also has undeniable advantages, which we cannot ignore. For example, he made culture just a click away. Once upon a time to receive information about a WWII battle it was necessary to go to the library, do a research and read. This may have taken many hours, and it was very difficult for those who worked long hours or lived far from urban centers. Today just consult wikipedia or some other authoritative source.

Secondly, the internet has brought to our home, free or for a small price, a range of entertainment possibilities that we would never have dreamed of before: hundreds of films, TV series, shows, games, ebooks and so on, all available at anytime and anywhere. Take for example platforms like Netflix or Hulu, which offer a multitude of shows and movies that are available 24/7, or gaming platforms like, which offers online roulette games. available 24/7. And these are just a couple of examples. There are literally hundreds and even thousands of sites offering free entertainment in the form of games, videos, or whatever.

In short, the net is a big world full of beautiful and bad things. Maybe, to take advantage of beautiful things, we must learn to better manage bad ones.

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