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Advances in Medicine

  1. Father of Medicine is considered Hippocrates, a Greek physician of the 5th century BC. According to his theories, the body tends to spontaneously resolve the disease, making it mature and expelling it.
  2. During the Roman Empire, knowledge of anatomy and physiology progressed but the treatment of the patient remained very approximate, entrusted to the organism itself and to the divine will.
  3. In 1800, thanks to Louis Pasteur’s discoveries on microorganisms, hygiene improved: sewers were built, hospitals became cleaner, drinking water was disinfected.
  4. Later the causes of some serious diseases were identified, effective drugs were produced and surgical interventions were performed under anesthesia.
  5. During the 1900s, medicine made enormous progress and many diseases that decimated populations, such as rabies, smallpox, diphtheria and polio, were eradicated.
  6. The progress of medicine and the improvement of hygienic-sanitary conditions, has led to the lengthening of human life, but has also given rise to new problems: it has been understood, for example, that some drugs, if on the one hand they cure diseases , on the other hand, they weaken the body’s defenses against new infections and can create physical and psychological dependence.
  7. In addition, diseases due to stress, environmental pollution and overeating, such as tumors, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, diseases of the nervous system, liver and kidneys.


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