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Adolescence: the difficulty of growing up

Adolescence is a particular and fundamental period for our growth, full of great changes and the choices we make are very important for our future.
Our body is transformed and not always as we wanted or not as the models that society imposes on us and on the basis of which our companions judge us. This causes a lot of discomfort and, sometimes, to be accepted one is willing to do anything.
Our desires, our expectations also change. We have mood swings and experience emotions and fears that we often hide. We ask ourselves questions that don’t always find an answer. We are insecure in our choices, we do not have confidence in ourselves. We want freedom but we also need to be protected.
We often pretend because we are afraid of being ourselves, of not being accepted with our faults. We just want to be understood, to find someone who listens to what we have to say and who knows how to accept us for who they are.
We are no longer children but we are not adults yet. Growing up is not easy and sometimes we are afraid of not being able to overcome this difficult period.
This is the age in which the difficulty and sometimes the inability to communicate appears. We fail to confide our fears, our indecisions and our insecurities to our parents because we are convinced that they cannot understand what we are feeling.
My parents and I have a relationship based on dialogue but despite this, sometimes there are misunderstandings between us, because I don’t always accept what they tell me. However I believe that a good relationship with parents helps to overcome many difficulties, to which other people could hardly give a solution.
Adolescence is a period of uncertainty, of bewilderment and experiences, sometimes positive and sometimes negative, that we must go through to know ourselves and the world, to understand that each of us is unique and special and that diversity is not a flaw but a great asset.

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