Acne: why does it haunt us?

There may be several reasons why, after an initial improvement, the pimples return to make us unwelcome visits. Let’s see what the main ones are.

Pimples: because they don’t go away

Most of us girls, especially in adolescence, struggle strenuously against the appearance of pimples. Fortunately, this widespread blemish is not permanent and there are several techniques to improve the situation.

The problem arises when, after an apparent improvement, the acne returns more fierce than ever to visit us and we ask ourselves where we went wrong. The reasons can be multiple but we see the main ones, so as not to make these mistakes anymore:

Stop the treatments

This is the banalest but also the most common reason. It is logical, in fact, that if you stop cleansing and removing make-up every day the pimples will return for the same reason they appeared for the first time.

A wrong diet

No matter how many effective treatments you can use if you eat grease, fries and sugars at the table, you can’t expect the skin to remain clean and free from blemishes. Proper nutrition, rich in fruit, vegetables, and fiber is essential.

Use unclean objects

If you also clean your skin every morning and every evening but then go to sleep on a dirty pillowcase and swab your face with an old towel, the bacteria will continue to proliferate on your skin and the pimples will soon return.

Use too few specific products

A pass of moisturizer is not enough, even if the worst pimples are gone. It is important to continue to treat the skin with specific products, depending on whether it is dry or oily.

Do not exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliation is very important, because it allows the elimination of dead cells, thus guaranteeing a cleansing that is infertile soil for pimples. If you stop doing it at least once a week, acne is more than likely to return.

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