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7 plants for the bedroom that will make you feel good

Plants are not only decorative but also an ingredient for our well-being. Anti-stress and purifiers: these are the plants to keep in the bedroom to improve our lives

Have you always heard that it is better not to have plants in the bedroom because they are bad for your health? Don’t worry, it’s just a popular belief.

If it is true that during the night the plants consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide, it is also true that the quantity released in the air is too small to be considered harmful to humans.

Some studies conducted by NASA have even revealed that some plants, placed in the bedroom, help to sleep better, fight stress and purify the air. In addition to their properties, even the simple fact of being in contact with nature helps improve mood.

Some plants are perfect for decorating the bedroom and at the same time improving our lives. First, it is best to avoid overly scented ones, which could disturb your sleep or cause nausea.

Plants in the bedroom: here’s what to prefer

Let’s see then what are the 7 best plants for the bedroom and what are their properties.


In addition to giving off oxygen at night, aloe helps mitigate indoor pollution by eliminating traces of formaldehyde and ammonia. Looking at the plant, the appearance of brown spots on its leaves could reveal the contamination of the environment.


With its color and delicate fragrance, lavender is one of the best relaxing plants to put in the bedroom. It is capable of reducing stress, insomnia, and anxiety.


Sanseveria, also called mother-in-law tongue or snake plant, is an excellent plant for the home, as it would be able to fight the electrosmog of electronic devices. Furthermore, it gives off oxygen at night and absorbs water vapor.

Dracena Marginata

This plant is perfect for smokers: the dracaena is able to capture and eliminate the particles of cigarette smoke, helping to purify the air.


In particular, ivy can help those suffering from asthma or allergies: it can, in fact, purify the air, absorbing above all large quantities of formaldehyde and eliminating mold.


Even the scent of jasmine in the bedroom is good for health, promoting relaxation and improving the quality of sleep.


More serene nights thanks to the spatafillo, which is able to eliminate harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and methanol.

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