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“If you meet a man of worth, try to look like him. If you meet a mediocre man, look for his flaws in yourself. “


We often complain about our lives, cursing our bad luck or envying the good fortune of others.

But, in fact, what do we do every day to improve our reality?

The simple truth is that to make your life better, whether it’s your health, your relationships or your financial status, the key step you need to take is to start improving yourself.

Using some of your time to master your mind, take care of your body and nourish your spirit will allow you to create greater value, depth and vitality in your life.

To achieve this goal it is essential to get busy every day, strive daily to grow and work hard to improve spirit, body and mind.

Strive to become the person you dream of being.

Start doing what you always wanted to do and never did because you thought yourself too young, too poor, too rich or too old.

Start living your life to the fullest.

What to do in concrete?

Here are 7 steps to start turning your life around:

1 – Observe your thoughts

You are what you think.

The words you repeat to yourself and the thoughts you process in your mind define the perception you have of yourself.

And that perception determines the actions you perform every day.

If you perceive yourself as a wimp with no confidence in yourself, the only actions you will be able to take will be in line with this image.

Similarly, if you perceive yourself as a positive, courageous and energetic individual, then your actions will be in line with those qualities.

2 – Train your character

Take care of your character every day, in the same way you take care of your body through exercise.

Your character can be trained, defined and sculpted just like a muscle.

To do this, you must strive to shape it every day.

Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions determine your habits. Your habits determine your character. And your character determines your destiny.

Act with courage, honesty, integrity, passion, humility and selflessness.

Follow your heart. Everything else will come by itself.

3 – Get up early in the morning

Try getting up with the sun and getting your day off to a good start.

Many of us sleep longer than necessary. In fact, each of us needs six hours of sleep to be awake and fit during the day.

Sleeping is nothing more than a habit and as such it can be changed.

And like any other habit we try to change, even trying to wake up earlier in the morning won’t be easy to put into practice in the early days.

But soon, after a few days, you will realize the immense benefits of the new habit.

So welcome the initial effort and await the results with confidence!

4 – Embrace simplicity

Choose to live a simple life. Try not to complicate what is wonderfully simple.

Avoid living in the chaos of many small things. Focus only on your priorities, those activities that really have relevant meaning to you.

You will gain a peaceful, rewarding and meaningful existence in line with your priorities.

You don’t have to live with the same frenetic pace with which it has led your existence so far. You can choose to slow down and embrace simplicity, at any time.

Pause to smell the flowers along the path of life.

5 – Don’t be frightened by loneliness

The others are the most wonderful we can have.

But it is also important, for our well-being, to know how to be alone with ourselves and to be able to compare ourselves with our deepest self.

Try to include in your every day a moment in which to be alone with yourself, in total peace and tranquility, even if only for 15 minutes or half an hour.

Savor the beauty and power of silence and begin to know yourself, to observe yourself for who you really are.

By simply taking the time to be alone with yourself, your mind will settle down and you can appreciate a deep sense of well-being and peace.

6 – Take care of your body

You take care of your body as you take care of your mind.

Make time each day to train your body and keep it fit, healthy and young.

Get your blood flowing, your heart pumping, your body moving.

You can run, do gymnastics, play any sport or just take a good walk.

Yoga is an extremely effective discipline for maintaining an energetic physique and unlocking your vital reserves, helping you rejuvenate your body and keep your mind focused.

When taking care of your body, do not forget the importance of breathing: do not keep it to a minimum, but use it in all its wonderful potential.

7 – Check what you eat

Many of us are not aware, but sometimes one of the main sources of our discomfort and our discontent is to be found in the food we eat.

Fatty, fried and unhealthy foods have an extremely negative impact on our life.

An unhealthy diet drastically reduces our physical and mental energy, affects our good mood and blurs the clarity of our mind.

The sense of drowsiness is often linked to an incorrect diet.

Try to orient yourself as much as possible towards a vegetarian diet: fruits and vegetables are a real cure-all for your body and your mind.

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